Hello world!

Am not really a  writer but love to talk.Then why do I want to venture into this  challenging world of the written word,u might ask?Well,I have been recently introduced to the writings of a very learned person on a social networking site, and this has really inspired me to take the first step towards this daunting yet fascinating  journey of self expression.

I hope to be able to put down some of my thoughts & outpourings on this blog,on  a regular basis.Whether it will  act as a  catharsis or be therapeutic or prove to become my alter ego,I have no idea at this point of time,but,I look forward to”going with the flow”.

So,I begin my odyssey into the  known ,yet unknown..fearful,yet excited….

5 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. I’ve been blogging just over a year but I remember doing so with much the same feelings that you have too….It’ll take a while to catch on to some different things but you’ll do okay…..Hope you enjoy!…Diane

    • Oh,that’s so nice to know & it makes me feel a little more courageous:-)I will go read your blog posts today after lunch-am sure it will be inspiring ,thank you so much for the feedback Diane:-)

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