Moving on

Easier said than done-isn’t it?You have gone over  every word uttered,every act,every emotion ,with a fine tooth comb-re-lived the heart break a thousand times-re-played all the  scenes like a bad movie-but still something remains…

A stray thought comes trundling on the heels of a special song & what you thought you had forgotten comes rushing back!Pent up emotions well up & you suddenly find yourself breaking down!

In the heart of your hearts you know that he/she doesn’t care-probably doesn’t even think of you,but ,”hope”,that fragile bird,refuses to take flight.It sits ,huddled,in some corner of your soul,with head tucked under its broken wings,nursing its wounds,only to get those wounds open to a fresh attack,at the most inopportune hour!

Teaching your broken heart to be like the Phoenix & rise again,is a Herculean task for sure but not impossible.It takes time,patience,persistence & faith in yourself to accomplish it.Let your mantra be ,”I will deal  with the pain eventually & heal Myself.”Better still,”I will learn to love again,to trust again,to let go & move on.”

Soon,you will find yourself living & loving again-the past just a memory & will be able to look at it without rancour. As they say,forget the pain,but not the lesson,’cos that’s what is going to make you a stronger & better person.Face the shadows of your life ,shed the bitterness & go traipsing through life’s beautiful adventures 🙂


“We are addicted to our thoughts. We cannot change anything if we cannot change our thinking.” 
― Santosh KalwarQuote Me Everyday


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