What is a Promise?

Promises have been a part of every love story from times immemorial.My question is,do we put too much weight on the word & ignore the act or circumstance surrounding the oath?To  a young lover,a promise may mean everything in the heat of that moment or  passion but years later,he/she may not even remember it.Trouble occurs when the other partner remembers  each & every word,’cos for them it meant the world-forever!So,what does a promise entail?Is it just empty words,uttered by liars & cheats to swindle innocent hearts?As someone said,One promises much, to avoid giving little.  


To me,a promise is like holding sand in your fist-the moment  you let go,even a little,it starts trickling away,so,to be able to keep my word,I must  take care,never to let go of my commitment-to that relationship,to that action,to that emotion,to that person.Before,giving my promise,I must weigh the pros & cons & not rush into it blindly,without understanding what it means-both to me & to the  one I give my promise to.


So,its better to say a firm “no” than  say “yes” which can easily become a broken promise.I never take a promise  made to me seriously for I know how easily it can be broken,but  I never make one lightly.


 Talk is cheap, but promises are expensive. Only use them on occasions.     -Jvongard



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