Green haze

The weekend is here:-)Time for Trifextra,week 48-my first submission under this category.

This weekend’s Trifextra Challenge is community-judged.

“I feel I’m able to get rid of any demons lurking in my psyche through my writing, which leaves me free to create all of this and to enjoy our family life, stepping away from all the fictional traumas and the dramas. If I write about family in crisis, then I won’t have to live through it, I guess.”

                    – Jodi Picoult

This weekend we’re asking for 33 of your own words that exorcise a demon.  One of your own, or one from your imagination.  Let it bleed on the page.


Easier said than done,huh?I have too many demons to exorcise-so refraining from opening the Pandora’s box,lest all my inner demons have a field day,I have taken refuge in the realm of imagination.



The party was in full swing.


She clenched the vial in her hand, seething.


Then she saw them.


“So in love!”


The haze lifted.


She smiled.



a shattered vial …





21 thoughts on “Green haze

    • Truer words were never spoken-all negative emotions are dangerous,many a times leading to bloodshed & violence.Thk u Janna for taking time to read this & yes,I liked the sign too;-)

    • Oh my,what a beautiful surprise to hear from the Trifecta team,thank u so much:-)Am looking forward to a fun filled association with you all.Wishing you all A Very Happy New year:-)

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