The Miracle

Trifextra: Week Fifty


This weekend  Trifecta wants us to use 33 words for  a “new beginning”.Here is mine 🙂


The Miracle

Nine years of extended Honeymoon…..and then this!




The Doctor nodded & handed them the report.


It said “Positive”.




A new beginning …


They beamed.


They were going to have a baby.


Though it did not quite happen this easily or  this suddenly,the long awaited news definitely brought immense joy to me & my Hubby.My “Miracle Baby “,as I call her, a blessing from above ,came to reside in our hearts & life & we started a new journey together.Next month she will be 17 & will leave for college soon after,which again will be another new beginning -of another kind:-)

42 thoughts on “The Miracle

    • Oh,oh,I hope u r now blessed with a full nest:-)Mine was about 5 actually as we did not try for the first 4 yrs due to some other problems:-)But it was worth the wait & am enjoying motherhood to the hilt.

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