What an amazing piece-had to share:-)Read & judge for yourself

My Word Your ear.com

She couldn’t make out the features of the man. He was a blurred, black figure, looming in the air above her like the shadow of death. She tried hard to see through the fuzzy windows that were her eyes but there was not enough light. Like a Black Hole all light was trapped within him and only as much light seeped through his edges that she could visualize the frame of his tall, lanky body but not his face-no!

She was aware of the cool ground beneath her. Her palms itched as grains of sand rubbed against them, wet and stinging. It couldn’t be sweat! There wasn’t a trickle on her face and her mouth was as dry as the desert. Before long she became aware of the viscous wetness that could only be her blood! It was her blood that stung like venom through the cuts in her hands! But why didn’t it hurt? Why was…

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