Bitch speak

Trifextra: Week Fifty-Three

Weekend is here again &  for the weekend prompt Trifecta  asked for exactly 33 words of dialogue.

Am so at sea with dialogues but well,nothing ventured,nothing gained.So here is my attempt.


Bitch Speak

 Looking  radiant, Emily! (Trollop!)

Aww,Dora ,you are  sweet.( Bitch!)

Really,you look 25.(40 & fat!)

Look who’s talking!(Old hag)

Have to rush Dahling,catch you later. (Hussy!)

Sure Hun! (Bimbo!)



44 thoughts on “Bitch speak

    • True,Scriptor:-)Thank you & congratulations for your books-wish I had the money to order them but wish you all the best.My daughter’s dream is to become a well known author,so soon (in the coming years) ,.I will be asking you & Joe for some expert advice re publishing:-)

    • :-)Thank you my friend-am glad you enjoyed it.Let’s see how you like my latest one-will look forward to your comment-am off to read the remaining 9 & then off to be-its 3a.m here,ha!ha!

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