So much for Clairvoyance

Trifecta: Week Sixty-Three


This week’s word is:

1: a trodden way
2: a track specially constructed for a particular use
3a : course, route
  b : a way of life, conduct, or thought

Please remember:
  • Your response must be between 33 and 333 words.
  • You must use the 3rd definition of the given word in your post.
  • The word itself needs to be included in your response.
  • You may not use a variation of the word; it needs to be exactly as stated above. 
  • Only one entry per writer.
  • Trifecta is open to everyone.  Please join us.
This week’s challenge is community-judged.
This one was not easy at all but then could not give up without trying,could I?So here is my fictional piece:-)

So much for Clairvoyance



Samantha looked at the house carefully. The house looked cheerful enough with its blue green shutters on the windows & red tiled roof. A little quaint maybe, but nothing that seemed out of place.


Still, she felt uneasy, especially when she remembered how she had met no one-no one at all, while treading her path towards this place. 


At 30, she had had more than her share of adventures. She was with the Homicide department, working as special agent .Her Masters in Criminal Psychology was only a cover –her real talent was clairvoyance.


She rang the bell.


A young woman opened the door, “Detective Samantha Jones. I am here to investigate the death of the twins.”


“Please come in. I am their aunt, Melinda”


“I would like to meet everyone.”


“Yes,of course.”



Two days back, the 3 year old twins had been found in the nursery, with their throats slit.


Samantha despised killers & child killers were the worst of the lot.

After a while Melinda returned, followed by a wan looking Susie, the mother of the murdered twins, her husband Dave, his cousin Jenny, a close friend Mark & his girlfriend Connie.


Angie, the housekeeper, set a tea tray in front of her. 

As Samantha was introduced, she shook hands .Images flooded her mind & she saw things she wished she would never have to see again.


“Beasts! Won’t let you get away this time!” she thought.


Funny, Samantha thought a little later, the tea has made me drowsy.



“Is she unconscious?” she asked


“She is dead, stupid! Her tea was poisoned,” he said


“We could not have her catching us!” affirmed another.


“But, what will we do with the body?” she wailed.


“Shut up woman! No one need ever know she was here,” growled the man.


“Yes, good thing she did not come by car & that we were ready.” she added, smiling.


“Go, get that vat of acid out in the backyard, we need to start working immediately,” he commanded.




46 thoughts on “So much for Clairvoyance

  1. Yee-eee! Reminded me of this real-life serial killer here, also known as the acid bath murderer:

    They made a movie about him, called A is for Acid, the first part is here:

    This is a well-written story. Well done Atreyee. Although with her psychic powers, one would think Samantha could have detected that the tea was poisoned before she drank it…I dunno. 😛

    • Oh dear!I am glad I was not the one in his bath,lol!I must go & check it out.Thk u Scriptor for reading & the
      links:-)I just started reading all the posts-a mammoth task-just finished 3-eeps-I better run

    • Oh,I already replied:-)Not to worry-whenever I am on WP,I check the comments & reply then & there-otherwise too,you are one of my favourite writers-so no way I am not reading your posts or comments:-)

    • Ha!ha!Thank you for such a spirited comment-glad you enjoyed it-am still halfway through reading all the posts-will be getting to your’s soon-looking forward to that:-)

  2. great story, but I am having trouble buying a psychic that doesn’t know her tea was poisoned. Perhaps that can be covered in another part of the story. Maybe she only hears from dead people – like that guy on that tv show ( don’t want to spoil anything ).

    • Thank you Bill,an astute observation:-)That’s why my title–kind of ridiculing the idea of a her being a psychic;-)But to be honest,I was held back by the 333 words limit(I talk too much) & then,am too new to this story telling-a month old-started at Trifecta:-)Hoping I will get better in the company of such great writers here by the end of this year-wish me luck-glad you stopped by.

  3. so much for clairvoyance — perfectly said. lol and she should’ve been smarter than to drink tea from strangers — and suspected murderers at that. damn but the image of kids with slit throats is just grisly.. i love the twist in your story.. absolutely enjoyed reading it ^^

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