A matter of routine

Trifecta: Week Sixty-Five

After letting us have some fun with Hyperbole ,this week Trifecta has decided to let us exhaust ourselves;-)


this week’s one-word prompt:

EXHAUST (transitive verb)
1a : to consume entirely : use up <exhausted our funds in a week>
  b : to tire extremely or completely <exhausted by overwork>
  c : to deprive of a valuable quality or constituent <exhaust a photographic developer>
2a : to draw off or let out completely
  b : to empty by drawing off the contents; specifically : to create a vacuum in
3a : to consider or discuss (a subject) thoroughly or completely  

Please remember:
  • Your response must be between 33 and 333 words.
  • You must use the 3rd definition of the given word in your post.
  • The word itself needs to be included in your response.
  • You may not use a variation of the word; it needs to be exactly as stated above. 
  • Only one entry per writer.
  • Trifecta is open to everyone.  Please join us.                  



So,after spending some time trying to exhaust all ideas,I fell back on my exhausted brain to churn up something & here is what it  produced  😛


A matter of  routine


Everything was spick & span-just as Paul liked & expected.Stella looked at herself in the mirror & smiled.Her new hairstyle suited her .Her heart fluttered-in a mix of anticipation,fear & hope.


She trembled thinking of what may happen if she failed.Bracing herself ,she shook her head,as if that would clear the cobwebs of panic that tried to cling to her  fragile self confidence.But,she told herself,she would not let these thoughts exhaust her.This time she was ready.


She heard a taxi stop & then the door opened.It was time for it to all begin-or end..


“What the hell is going on here?I leave for two days & you go get yourself  made up to look like a harlot?” Paul hurled abuses at her & Stella could see his fists curling up.She knew what was coming & cringed.

Within minutes,she felt his fist smashing into her face & blood poured out of her nose.She fell to the floor,The sight of blood delighted Paul & he rained a few more punches & kicks on her prone form.Stella did not utter a word.


She heard him pouring a drink & switching on the TV.She slowly dragged herself to her feet & stumbled to the bathroom.After cleaning herslf up,she went to  check  on the dinner & started setting the table.


She heard him get up & run the bath.She held her breath.Soon,the door closed & she could hear him humming-everything was always a routine for him-any discrepancy with his orderly world meant punishment for Stella.


An hour later she was on the phone calling up the Police.Her husband was not opening the bathroom door & neither answering her,she  sobbed.


The Police broke open the door-to find her husband,lying dead on the floor.His drink had spilled on to the floor & the almost empty bottle of whisky stood nearby.It seemed that  in his drunken stupor he had failed to realize that the Geyser had a leakage &  he had died of electric shock.

Poor Paul….




45 thoughts on “A matter of routine

    • :-)Thank you Deana-am lagging behind this week-again,lol!Just catching up on responding to the comments on my last submission-then will rush to start reading the whopping 65 entries(mopping my brow) 😀

  1. I thought this was going to be a romantic story at first… till Paul stepped through the door. He was a real son-of-a-bitch… she is free, but I’m not sure that will make her happy. Your use of the ampersand is interesting. It looks like old fashioned writing. I wasn’t sure what a Geyser was, assuming maybe a Jacuzzi, and went to your ‘about’ page to see where you wrote about where you live… there is nothing about you on your ‘about’ page, and I see you write with an & all the time. I may have to try that sometime. Nice to see Paul looking like your illustration… good one.

    • Thank you for reading & the interesting feedback.Yes,am guilty of not filling in “about”-a fellow Trifectan & a good friend asked me to long back but am just too lazy & do not know what I am about :P-but I promise to do something about it soon:-)I am from India -so now you know where that geyser came from,ha!ha!I did wonder about that to my daughter while posting but then thought,ah,they will know.Re the “&”-I guess its a habit-will try to outgrow it-I also use abbreviations all the time-here I take care not to for you all are such refined writers &a m in constant awe.LOL@ yr last comment Ted,thank you once again:-)

    • I know-me too-I cannot understand women who take abuse-my hubby remarked when he heard me reading the piece out to my daughter-what a cruel man-& I was glad that I am married to a gentle soul:-)Thank you for taking time to read & comment Scriptor:-)

  2. This was so much fun to read! Love how she went about her routine, leaving us to wonder what was going to happen next. Great ending – just desserts for such an awful man!

  3. I like the new look of your blog. As we both have a Stella this week, I’m happy that yours got her revenge. Mine will need some time, she’s a little out of her league. I love your graphic. I can’t agree that Paul deserves a “poor.” He was a mean son of a gun. Good for Stella!

    • Thank you Steph:-thought that it being a Valentine month,I should give it a cosy look,he!he!Ah,there are Stellas & there are Stellas-well,am sure she will get there ,by & by.Ha!ha!That graphic really had me giggling-glad that you liked it.Oops!”Poor” was meant in a sarcastic-funny way -sorry it fell flat 😛

  4. poor Paul… Nah.. he deserved it! lol loved the ending .. and that image! haha great story. i like how it’s serious and sad yet ended up to be humorous in a way ^^

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