Sticky wicket

Trifextra: Week Sixty-One

Weekend made more fun with Trifecta asking us to give us exactly 33 words ,including an idiom within:-)So after trying out a few,I came up with something.Obviously being  me,I could not restrict myself to only one idiom-had to feast on a few-so here goes,enjoy 😉




Sticky wicket




Miss,we found the loot & the body,both  in your garage.




Care to explain?




Come on,am all ears.




What?Cat got your tongue?




Officers,I will sing like a canary but remember curiosity killed the cat!







38 thoughts on “Sticky wicket

    • Hee!So glad you liked it Linda-I had another one prepared & was stuck with this at 27 words but Sam wanted me to go with this-so I waited & just I was posting the other one,I got the brain wave & the final product pleased Sam too-so:-)I just started reading-reached only number 20 & FB is open-have to design two rooms & the game is acting up-deadline in a few hrs-going mad!Will go read yours in a few mins-thk God this is a 33 word challenge-phew!

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