Say “NO”

Trifextra: Week Sixty-Two

Well,well,what do you know?It’s Sunday & time for an “extra” innings at Trifecta.This is what they had to say about their challenge-


On to the weekend challenge.  We want you to give us thirty-three words of advice.  Your advice can be to anyone or about anything.  We only ask that you make it uniquely yours.


I was  so not going to do this challenge but hey blame it on Trifecta & its addictive charm,just could not stay away.So,with a little more than four hours to go ,here I am with my piece,all of 33 words 😀


Say “NO”


Said Lord Polonius

Neither be a borrower

Nor a lender be

In the same vein I say

Neither seek advice

Nor an adviser be

Just shut your trap-

No one wants it, see?



38 thoughts on “Say “NO”

  1. I love this! The best advice yet! And why is it, that the people who really need to put this into practice never seem to do so…;)

    Love the illustration, too!

    • Lol,thanks a ton Valerie,glad you liked it!I am so averse to giving as well as receiving advice that this is what t just popped into my head-so I just posted it:-)

    • Ha!ha!Suzanne-could not stay away-guess am addicted for life 😛 Thank you for stopping by & reading,its always such a joy to read your lovely comments:-)Hopping over to your blog before i go to bed-feeling very tired & achy tonight-so instead of 4.30 ,am going to go to bed at 2a.m,lol!

  2. just shut yer trap! lol
    unwanted advice is never good . . . but when counsel is requested, it should be given carefully. People hardly ever want to hear it. 🙂

  3. “Funny, I never heard myself asking you what I should do!” is something I’ve often heard myself say to others (mainly the guy currently snoring next to me right now) this to say that I am so with you on this! Plus I love the cartoon to boot…

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