Trifextra: Week Sixty-Five

The challenge this weekend is to give  33 words about anything we want as long as the piece includes at least one hyphenated compound modifier. Here comes mine:-)




He shot her.In the head.Twice.


Then he dumped her body in the old well.


Admitted,she was outstanding in every which way, but wanting to be his wife?   




He detested over-ambitious women!




38 thoughts on “Unreasonable

  1. The nerve of that woman-assuming he’d want to marry her! 😉
    This was a fun read-such an unexpected and clever take on the prompt, Atreyee! Very well done!!

  2. Well, at this rate, he will never be married. And the old well might become too full. I hope he finds an under-achiever who detests the idea of being his wife – that should suit him well 🙂

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