Trifextra: Week Sixty-Eight


On to the weekend prompt.  This weekend Trifecta is asking for exactly 33 words, 30 of our own and three of the following:

topple     paradigm     underneath     nerve     honey     loop


Before I could blink,Sunday is here and once again I am running late.This week,I managed to read almost all the entries at a breathless speed but there wasn’t enough time to leave comments.Makes me feel guilty but real life is rushing in and Friends & readers ,I am afraid ,this is going to be the story of my life at Trifecta for the coming two weeks.Worse,after the next two weeks,it may go downhill as I may not get to even write,forget reading or commenting.You see,next month,we(daughter,me & Hubby) leave for another city to get my daughter admitted  to a college.We will be there for about two weeks.Once we return, we have to start packing first for her transfer to her new hostel and before long,we both will be following her.Sometimes around July end,I will be re-joining the workforce and hubby is taking up a new job.As you all know,in this upheaval of packing,moving and unpacking,net connection will be missing ,thus making me miss all the fun!However,I sincerely hope to return for the Trifecta challenges regularly from mid-August.Friends,wish you all the best and I am sure you all understand.Will miss you all and your wonderful writing,take care.

Here is my submission for this weekend 🙂





Jon married Rita,believing  life was honey and roses.


Then,she ran away with his best friend and his money


A paradigm shift occurred.


Now Jon sees only betrayal cloaked underneath every relationship.




58 thoughts on “Askew

  1. As well he might. Hard to let go of betrayal, to not see it everywhere. Good luck with your move. I hope it all goes smoothly. You’ve got a lot going on including going back to work, no small thing. In your absence I’ll miss seeing your name, and reading your supportive comments. I look forward to reading updates about your change of circumstances when you return to the weekly challenges. Cheers, Atreyee!

    • Aww,thks Steph-am sure going to miss u & your awesome posts.But I still have a week or two-and if I am lucky will have half of June & half of July to peep in,till my net connection is working:-)Will keep u posted-thanks for the continuous love and support,wish u all the best & talk to u whenever I am on here again:-)Tc xoxo

    • :-)Thank you Diane-your wishes mean a lot.Hope your long awaited trip in July comes about in a beautifully fulfilling manner-my wishes & felicitations in advance to you and your Husband:-)Will look forward to reading all about it when I return in August,till then tc xoxo

  2. Betrayal wreaks havoc from the day it happens forward. Very damaging to self-esteem among many other things. Wonderfully written and interesting as always!

    Best of luck with all you have going on for the next few months. Changes like yours are a lot of work but rewarding. You’ve always leave such supporting comments and visit everyone regularly. I will miss your notes. And if the opportunity to write strikes, jump in! We will be waiting!

  3. Oh, Atreyee! I will miss you so much! You know what’s fun though? I also have a daughter about your daughter’s age!! 🙂 Take care, and good luck with everything!!

    And, my friend-great job with the prompt too! Looking forward to your return, soon:)

    • Oh you do?That ‘s lovely-so we have something more to share/swap-stories about our Princesses?:-)Will miss u too Valerie & your lovely posts but am glad it is only temporary.Thank you for all the wishes my friend:-)
      So glad you ;liked this lil piece-you have been a strong support to me here & for that I thank you from the bottom of my heart-tc & see you soon,love to your daughter xoxo

  4. All the best for all of these changes in your life.
    You are one of the few who makes it a point to read and cheer on everyone around here. I’m sure every single Trifectan is going to miss you while you’re gone. Great job with the prompt!

  5. Poor Jon! But what a great use of the prompt words!

    I’m going to miss you in your absence, but I hope everything goes smoothly for you and your family!

    • Aww thank you Draug-will miss your funny comments and awesome posts(sp Tooth & claw) & will be counting the days till I ‘m back for good.Thank you so much for all your support and encouragement:-)Tc & be naughty 😉

  6. sounds like you have a full plate. We will still be here on your return. Poor Jon, btw. 🙂 Best to your daughter as she heads off to a new world – and to you and your hubby as you make new beginnings too.

    • Thanks Barbara-for everything:-)You are such a sweet and kind soul that I always find reading comments from you makes me smile:-)Yes,I hope so too-will miss you all but will be back soon-looking forward to as you rightly said”new beginnings”.U tc too & hope to hear about your new book -on the stands in bookstores all over the world soon:-)

    • Yes,it is-it is going to be a whirlwind:-)Thank you for all the support that Trifecta has always given-am so glad I found this little family-it has taught me so much about good writing and am looking forward to honing my skills more.Thanks once again-also for your wishes-will look forward to b e back here-will miss Trifecta terribly,tc & all the best to you all too:-)

  7. I’ll miss reading your entries (and your lovely comments on my posts) but no worries, take the time you need and I’ll look forward to having you back around later in the summer. Good luck adjusting to all the big changes coming up!

    Of course Jon only sees betrayal – that’s what experience taught him. I hope in time he would see that not every woman is a Rita inside 🙂

    • Me too-will miss you my friend & your story(hope to read it all once I return).Glad its only temporary:D

      So true-hope he finds someone better next time aroiund:-)

      Tc Janna,lots of love & see u soon

  8. He is still better off without the shedevil.
    I will miss you, I am following your blog so update us when you get a chance. You are so good to try to read and respond to everyone. Good luck with everything and do be good to yourself. Take a break when you can. With love, Ann

    • So true;-)Aww,will miss you & your fantastic writing too but still about 10 days to go-hoping to be able to participate this week at least-and so doing something I never do-reading and commenting as soon as I can see a few posts for the challenge-before writing and submitting my own 😛 But hey,one has to do the best one can,isn’t it?Thank you so much for the sweet words and wishes-it does make a difference to receive so many good wishes.Will definitely keep in touch between my trips & then before we know it,it will be August :-)U tc too((hugs))See u soon

    • True Kymm;-)Thanks for the wishes and your constant support-will miss u and ofc your fab pieces too but thankfully its only a question of two months-will pass quickly in a blur am sure:-)Will look forward to returning,tc and wish you great days ahead too((hugs))

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