Season’s Sonata

Ah,home again-home means Trifecta :-)My last post was 3 months back!Three?Strike one!It was a Trifextra submission-strike two! And, the title was “Askew”-kind of matches with Haiku,no?Strike three! Ha!ha!Feels good to be back-wonder if any of you remember me?Things did not go as per plan-do they ever?But some beautiful gifts came my way -our daughter did us proud by excelling both in her school leaving exams as well as by securing a coveted seat in one of the most prestigious University here-she placed 5th among 3500 students who sat for the exam and only 30 were selected.She is now happily studying for her English Honours.

Well,to make a long story short,we did not have to move.So what took me so long,you ask?Ah life… but am back and hope to keep writing,though I may not comment as much as before,but will do so whenever  possible-that’s a promise.

I see this weekend Trifecta has given us a seemingly  easy challenge-the weekend prompt being-

HAIKU (noun) : an unrhymed verse form of Japanese origin having three lines containing usually five, seven, and five syllables respectively .

But sadly we were not taught about this genre of writing in school.This is my first attempt at writing a Haiku,so no idea if it fits the bill,but here goes for what it is worth  🙂


Season’s Sonata


Autumn in the heart

Like leaves changing colour

pain morphs.






25 thoughts on “Season’s Sonata

  1. We’re so happy to see you back, Atreyee! It sounds like you’ve had quite the three months. Extend our congratulations to your daughter–that’s quite the accomplishment!
    Thank you for linking up! We hope to see you stopping back again!

    • Thank you so much Trifecta team-am glad to be back :-)Thank you for your wishes for my daughter,she conveys her thks:-)AM surely going to be here regularly-trying to get back into the groove 😛

    • Ah you must have missed reading my note-I left a msg for all of u that I would be MIA for 2-3 months due to my daughter’s college admission & possible shift to another city.But am glad to be back-it will take some time for me to get bk into the groove”:-)

    • Hello Scriptor,thk u so much & so glad to see your comment-many congratulations to you too for your win last week-as expected you have not lost your magic :-)Sorry could not read this weekend’s entries but promise to come by & read your’s this week,tc & so happy to be here,tc 🙂

  2. I smiled a beautiful smile when I saw your name on the list of link-ups this weekend. Congratulations to you and your daughter on her acomplishment. While certainly deserving of her own credit, she must, surely, owe a debt of gratitude to you, her mother. Wonderful having you back, Atreyee! You were most definitely missed. 🙂

    • Hi Tom!Such a lovely surprise to see you remember me-I missed u all & ofc your fab writing too :-)My apologies for not being bale to read any of the entries for the weekend but I promise to come by & read your entry this week.Thank you so much for all the lovely wishes for my daughter-I believe your star student has made a mark on Trifecta too-so glad:-)Tc & see u soon

    • Hi Janna-so glad to see yr name still shining-thk u for the pat:-)How r u?What happened to your story-did u finish it?Darlene & her (mis) adventures,lol!Sorry could not read your or any other entry this weekend but promise to come by & read your’;s this week,tc & see u soon,love

  3. A pretty hiaku, Atreyee! And pain morphs, how true.
    Great to see you again, and much congratulations for all that hard work!

    • Aww,thk u Kymm-so good to see you & a comment from u means so much.Thank you for the wishes for Sam too:-)Am going to come by this week & read & comment on your entry for sure-sorry could not do it this weekend,tc

  4. This is lovely. I especially love the last line. I’m new to Trifecta, so I’m not acquainted with your writing. Judging by this beautiful poem, I’m looking forward to reading your entries. 🙂

    P.S. Congrats on your daughter’s accomplishments!

    • Thank you so much Ivy :-)Am so sorry I was not able to read or comment on any entries this time but promise to catch up this week-am looking forward to seeing your work too 🙂

    • Hi Suzanne:-)So lovely to see your comment-thank you so much-my apologies for the late reply-am still so tied down 😛 But this week I promise to come by & read your entry-am sure you have gone from strength to strength while I was gone-great to be interacting again,tc & see u soon ❤

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