Carpe Diem #287, Shinryoo (new coolness)

Today the  prompt given by Carpe Diem is Shinryoo (new coolness) which refers to the decreasing of the temperature from the heat of summer to the coolness of autumn.


A nip in the air-

Autumn playing hide and seek

Adieu to summer!



2 thoughts on “Shinryoo

  1. What a joy to see you here at Carpe Diem Atreyee … and with a wonderfully composed haiku on Shinryoo (new coolness) what a joy and I hope to see you here again at Carpe Diem. By the way I am your host on Carpe Diem, my name is Kristjaan Panneman but I use mostly my penname Chèvrefeuille.

    • Thank you once again Kristjaan :-)You have made me feel so at home and am so excited to be here.You are so modest & so encouraging of newbies like me-it’s an honour and a privilege to be interacting with such an established &renowned Haiku writer like you.My sincere thanks to you for all your lovely comments on my efforts.Thks are also due to my friend Bjorn for introducing me to this community & to all the members who stopped by to read & leave an encouraging comment on my pieces.I look forward to participating actively on this site

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