A Senyru and a Haiga

Carpe Diem’s Freestyle #3

Trying my hand at  Senryu .Hope it is acceptable 🙂

Sudden noise at night
intruder turns out to be
a known face-please no!



I also tried  Haiga.It breaks my heart every time I hear or read about female infanticide,which is shamefully very prevalent in India even today-thus this Haiga.





10 thoughts on “A Senyru and a Haiga

    • Oh thank you Kristjann(hope I got your name correct).With your constant encouragement and gentle guidance,I hope to familiarize myself with the immense variety of Japanese poetry ,in a few months.I am but a fledgling just now 😛

    • :-)So glad you think so for, I meant it that way-thank you so much not only for reading and commenting but also for seeing it the way I intended it to be seen 🙂

    • Aww ,thk u Linda-am just starting to write these-am very ,.very raw at it :-)But yes,the Haiga is definitely sad & in India we see it even in educated Urban families-terrible!The othe one-senyru-I wanted it to focus on crime against women by known people-the breach of trust-so that’s sad too-so you got both right!:-)

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