Once upon a night…

Trifecta: Week Ninety-Five


This week Trifecta wants us to come up with a piece  which is between 33-333 words and uses the third definition of the word “Rainbow”.The definition is-

[from the impossibility of reaching the rainbow, at whose foot a pot of gold is said to be buried] :  an illusory goal or hope.


Yes, the prompt for this week is rainbow and having just recovered from a bout of Migraine,am still seeing a palette full of colours-so here comes my “rainbow”(even if there is no pot of gold-as yet -at the end 😉



Once upon  a night…...


“I do!” said Gillian,taking the marriage vow.

She had arrived at her pot of gold!No chasing the rainbow anymore!

Not an easy task to outsmart some of the sharpest minds, a bevy of beauties and the richest of the rich, not to mention the big names of the county.

 And what was her claim to fame?Nothing but aspirations and dreams.At 25, her violet eyes and porcelain skin stood out against her copper tinted hair but that,she knew would not be enough to carry her into the arms of  a rich man!

So she set her eyes on Rupert,35 ,gentle and shy and with no clue as to how to deal with the fawning women who fought to be noticed by him!

It was opportune that he advertised for a personal assistant to help him and Gillian’s matter-of-fact attitude made Rupert pick her from the dozen or so applicants.

Slowly,she made herself indispensable. As time passed, Rupert realised that she had no designs on him and they became friends.

All was going as per Gillian’s plan-she was able to deflect all the wannabes intending to become Mrs Rupert,when one fine day,his great Aunt Mathilda  arrived with Miriam in tow.She intended her great nephew to make Miriam his wife!

This was a bolt from the blue .

But as luck would have it,soon  Mathilda decided to visit  the neighbouring town with Miriam.

 Gillian acted promptly.

That night she spiked Rupert’s coffee and while picking her own cup,”accidently” spilled it on her dress.

 In the morning ,Rupert found  Giilian in his bed-neither of them had any clothes on and it was obvious what had happened.

Being the conscientious man that he was,he immediately proposed to Gillian,for he truly cared for her and Great Aunt Mathilda was sent packing with her precious Miriam.

Thinking of that day, Gillian chuckled.

Starry eyed,she  looked fondly at Rupert and smiled.She knew,he was going to be a great husband and he need never know that nothing did happen that night.







22 thoughts on “Once upon a night…

  1. Atreyee, What a saucy little story about going for the pot of gold! I promise I’ll keep Gillian’s secret! I think Miriam would have been all wrong for Rupert anyway;) This was fun to read!

  2. Very creative! I can see this being the premise of a movie or short story. I like how you show the narrator’s excitement and enthusiasm with all those exclamation marks. It is like she is confiding in a girlfriend.

    Nice piece!


    • Oh wow!That’s such a beautiful compliment MOV-thanks a ton-at the moment I am just trying to write these mini pieces-maybe some day..:-)Off to read what you have written-am sure it must be awesome!

    • Thks and the seemingly” lack of space must be the doing of word?You must be reading it in MS Word,I meant?The problem with Windows 7 is that one has to edit each word separately & it keeps wanting to add space and then count it as a word 😦 Though to be honest, I do it every time,but was not up to it last night and when I copy pasted it on WP,it did not show any error-so I went with it Can you please tell me know how to overcome this problem?Thank you.

  3. Love it! I love your combination of whimsy and “romance”. And that the women are powerful and in charge, even if they might be devilishly devious.

  4. I love this! It is such a great story about “what really happened” in a society of prim and proper people. Makes me wonder what would happen if Rupert were to find out the truth about that night.

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