Carpe Diem #306, Chooyoo (Chrysanthemum Festival)



Carpe Diem #306, Chooyoo (Chrysanthemum Festival)


Elixir of life
Chrysanthemum-let me taste
your fountain of youth


Palette of colours
Chrysanthemums bestowing
fragrance everywhere.


Dew drops shimmer,a
gift of immortality
on chrysanthemums


Chooyoo,your touch makes me
feel immortal,colouring
my garden of life


Let me take a sip
O Chrysanthemum,life flows
forever into your cup!


Petals adorn the
dish I savor,to live long
Hello Chrysanthemum






14 thoughts on “Carpe Diem #306, Chooyoo (Chrysanthemum Festival)

  1. You were on a roll with this prompt Atreyee … what a wonderful series of haiku. If you don’t mind I love to use one or two of your wonderful haiku for upcoming Tan Renga Challenges. I am looking forward to your permission.

    • Oooh,you really want to use my Haiku?Kristjaan,I don’t know what to say-am overwhelmed-so honoured!It will be a privilege-please use any you like-thank you so much-you just made my day! 😀 Am going to bed now with a smile on my face-its morning here and I have been up all night 😛 Have a fabulous day/night!

    • Oh wow,am thrilled-thanks Steph:-)Just posted my Trifecta piece and two more “virtual rooms” on my designing game (with 54 mins to spare for the contest to close)-all in all ,not a bad day,lol!Am off to bed now as its dawn here-4.45 a.m -u have a wonderful day/night too ,love xx

    • And I will always be grateful to you Bjorn, for introducing me to this wonderful new world and Haiku-thank you for that and the constant encouragement-makes me so happy:-)

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