Carpe Diem-Warazuka (Straw Bundles)

Carpe Diem #305, Warazuka (Straw bundles)


Post harvest,come see
the bundles of straw – lazing
in fetters of twine




8 thoughts on “Carpe Diem-Warazuka (Straw Bundles)

  1. Atreyee … I do understand that it is sometimes difficult to compose haiku if you’ve read all entrees. Maybe … just a tip … maybe write your haiku before reading the other entrees. It will make you happier and I do believe that it is better to do so. Of course I have the advantage that I have always the opportunity to write as the very first a haiku on the prompt. I use by the way very often inspiration from the haiku written by the classic haiku poets.
    Back to this haiku you have written in respons on Straw bundles … it is a beauty and I am glad to read that you’ve given it a try … because if you hadn’t we all would have missed your wonderfully composed haiku. Well done … thank you for the effort to write and share your haiku with us all here at CD.

    • Oh,you are so encouraging and supportive Ktristjaan,I can never thank you enough:-)To be honest,I usually do not read first but as I was falling so behind in my reading/commenting,that this time I thought of reversing the process-ah!So glad it struck the right chord:-)Now going to try my hand at some chrysanthemums 😀

    • Ha!ha!Usually I do not but this time I was trying to catch up on all the posts and comments,as I was falling woefully behind 😛 Glad you like it Bjorn-coming from such a prolific writer like you,I take that as a huge compliment:-)

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