Carpe Diem Special #60

Carpe Diem Special #60, Garry Gay’s “river stones”


The first Special of this month is titled “river stones” written by Garry Gay, a modern haiku-poet and photographer.The goal of this Special is to write a new haiku in the same sense, tone and Spirit as the one given of the featured haiku-poet. Garry writes his haiku in the non-classical style, so we don’t have to use the classical syllables-structure 5-7-5, but if we like … of course we may use the classic count.



This photo, made by Garry himself (and copyrighted) is part of a haiku-website he made especially for his haiku. This website is meant to be a kind of visual book on haiku. With this photo came the following haiku, which is the one for our inspiration.

river stones
along her garden path
wet with dew


Here is my Haiku-


Dipped in dew
familiar garden gnomes
and her warm smile







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