Carpe Diem Special #64-Garry Gay’s “Touched”

Carpe Diem Special #64, Garry Gay’s fifth haiku “touched”


At Carpe Diem,the goal of this Special episode is to write a new haiku inspired on the one given by Garry Gay and to try to catch the same mood as the haiku by Garry Gay.


in the darkness–
by a snowflake
(c) Garry Gay
 In my excitement I have written quite a few-hopefully they are in keeping with the essence of the beautiful Haiku by Garry:-)
Touched by stormy night
a leaf shivers
hugging the window pane

Touched by
stony silence
fragile heart breaks



Soft lips meet
moist in desire-
passion smolders



Eyes close in slumber
touched by
mother’s love


touches a chord
stirs a forgotten memory






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