Carpe Diem-Freestyle (Tanka)

Carpe Diem’s Freestyle #4


As hope stumbles,falls
disappointment gnaws at life-
Pain festering in
a heart grown cold with neglect
incites black rage-withers-dies!







Carpe Diem-Revise that Haiku

Carpe Diem’s Revise that haiku #1, a haiku by Taigi (1709-1771)


 For this first episode of  “Revise That Haiku”  our host at CD has chosen a haiku written by Taigi (1709-1771 ?), a contemporary and friend of Buson.


arranging the plum-flowers,
I would enjoy them in the light of the lamp,
as if in the moonlight


 Kristjaan says,the moment can be described this way.”The original of the above haiku is even more difficult, literally: “arranging the plum, as if the moon, I would savour, lamp-light” (Wabiru translated ‘enjoy’, ‘means’ to live a life of poetry in poverty). The poet has arranged the flowers in a vase, and wishes to see them in the light of the moon, but there being no moon, he lights the lamp instead, and adds its light to the poetry and the beauty of the flowers.

The whole of the poet’s life is shown in this action and the essence of the verse in wabin. This poverty, this asceticism of life and form in haiku, this absence of luxury and decoration finds its philosophical and transcendental expression in Emanuel Swedenborg‘s (a Swedish philosopher who lived from 1688 until 1772) “Heaven and Hell” (paragraph 178); after he has described the garments of the angels, some of which glow with flame, some of which shine with light, he adds:

“But the angels of the inmost heaven are not clothed”.


Here is my version – revised Haiku –


Not for me the moon
ethereal fragrant plum
blossoms- by lamp light


Sparse,yet  beautiful
like plum blossoms in a vase-
poet’s life, borrowed time


No moonlight for
his plum blossoms
Poet’s lamp showers beauty





Zombies at a bar

Trifecta: Week Ninety-Eight

This week the prompt that Trifecta threw at us was familiar in one way but not in another -at least to me-simply because I am a teetotaler 😛  Look at the third definition given below  yourself and see what I mean:-)


ZOMBIE (noun)

:  a mixed drink made of several kinds of rum, liqueur, and fruit juice.


Here is my piece,all of 329 words.


Zombies at a bar


It was Halloween and “The High and mighty” was full. There was revelry in the air and everyone was having a ball.

Jack looked up from behind the bar, every time the door opened. He knew almost everyone in this town. His eyes scanned the tables. He seemed very nervous.

Anyone who knew Jack would have scoffed at this, for Jack was known for his calm nature and his ability to deal with any problem without batting an eyelid.

But Jack had heard things. If rumours were to be believed the future of this town was at stake and he was afraid that the town was not ready for such a calamity-not that anyone could ever be prepared for such a thing, he thought, trembling inwardly.

They needed a miracle.

Danny, a regular, seated himself at the bar & said, “Hello Jack! Get me a Zombie!”

Jack almost dropped the wine glass he was polishing, his eyes looking shocked.

Danny looked amused and said, “What now? It’s Halloween and I need a strong drink man! ”

Jack composed himself and winking at Danny, said, “Very apt! One Zombie coming up, Sir.”

Suddenly, the door flew open rattling the bottles and china. With that came a stench. Everyone looked up and froze. The bar maids Marissa and Janice screamed while Clare fainted!

As Jack had been fearing, the undead were here. The two Zombies started shuffling in, making awful noises, while the crowd started pushing and shoving, trying to retreat to a safe corner. One of the zombies caught hold of a customer.

Jack started praying.

Just as things started looking hopeless, Dean and his brother Sam burst in and chopped off the heads of the zombies in one blow!

A miracle indeed!

Jack ran to hug the heroes and the crowd heaved a collective sigh of relief. Dean and Sam smiled and walked out. For the hunters, it was just another job.

(End of Supernatural episode 7, season 10)







Trifextra: Week Eighty-Eight

Weekend is here and  it is time for Trifextra.

Trifecta has a history of dedicating the entire month of October to Halloween.  They are kicking it off early and easy with this prompt:

You’ve found some old books.  On page 3 of one of the books, this illustration appears:

Artist credit: Dan Duford

Trifecta wants us to give the 33 words that follow this illustration.  What happens next? 

Here is mine 🙂




Jeepers! You are ugly!


Oh God! You stutter!


Don’t! Your breath stinks!


Man! You are falling to pieces!



 Go back! Hide!


Banging the book shut-

 “Coming, Mom!”





Carpe Diem Special #60

Carpe Diem Special #60, Garry Gay’s “river stones”


The first Special of this month is titled “river stones” written by Garry Gay, a modern haiku-poet and photographer.The goal of this Special is to write a new haiku in the same sense, tone and Spirit as the one given of the featured haiku-poet. Garry writes his haiku in the non-classical style, so we don’t have to use the classical syllables-structure 5-7-5, but if we like … of course we may use the classic count.



This photo, made by Garry himself (and copyrighted) is part of a haiku-website he made especially for his haiku. This website is meant to be a kind of visual book on haiku. With this photo came the following haiku, which is the one for our inspiration.

river stones
along her garden path
wet with dew


Here is my Haiku-


Dipped in dew
familiar garden gnomes
and her warm smile






Carpe Diem “Distillation” #3

Carpe Diem “Distillation” #3 Paradise Lost by John Milton

The goal is to distil a haiku from this part of the classical poem,” Paradise Lost” by John Milton.


As when the Sun, new risen,
Looks through the horizontal misty air,
Shorn of his beams, or from behind the Moon,
In dim eclipse, disastrous twilight sheds
On half the nations, and with fear of change
perplexes monarchs.


Here is my attempt at distillation-


While Sun cowers
behind the Moon,
fear dances naked






The Countdown

Trifecta: Week Ninety-Seven

This week’s prompt word is –



Here is my submission.


The Countdown


Melissa looked out and groaned inwardly.

He was up on the rickety ladder, trying to hang a string of light bulbs on to their Christmas tree

Aloud, she said,” Clarence, don’t you think it is too early to decorate the tree? It’s still two weeks to Christmas!”

He grinned, the lop-sided one, which once had charmed her. She hated it now.God, she hated him now!

“Oh Mel!

She hated it when he called her that!

“Christmas is in one’s heart. It’s giving and spreading love. I want to spread it, “ he literally cooed.

Someone kill me, cried Melissa silently.

She went in .She would rather not be party to this kind of foolishness and definitely not be the object of derision of the amused passers-by.

She was glad that all this would be over soon.


It had not been like this always.

They both had met in college and fallen in love. Everyone envied them. They looked perfect together, were intelligent, funny and had a bright future ahead.

After graduation, they landed plum jobs, tied the knot with the blessings of their families. Nothing could have gone wrong.

But it did.

Recession hit and Clarence lost his job. He sank into depression.

She had a miscarriage.

He took to drinking.

 Many sessions of counselling ensued and he joined AA.

Then the real trouble started.

He met Greta. She was all that Melissa was not.Frumpy, boring with no class or education to speak of! A real dumb-ass!

But by Jove, she knew how to spout the scriptures and was a fanatic.Funnily, Clarence, took to her and her teachings like a duck to water.


After failing to wean Clarence away from this suicidal “religion” and the clutches of his ever present Greta, she decided to take matters into her own hands.

The countdown had begun.

Clarence was going to receive a beautiful Christmas gift, for Melissa was in a mood to give too. Their divorce was going to be granted on Christmas Eve!