Love’s dream -A Haibun

Love’s dream 


My lover’s gaze kisses me and I blush. Longing fills my heart. My eyes wander searching for the truth. Inane banter takes meaningful form. Proud, I wear my love like a precious adornment. Time passes-a beautiful dream, flying on silvery wings. Love leaps, soaring, sparkling and drinking deeply from the spring of life.

Blind eyes fail to note that leaves have turned, dark clouds have converged. The seemingly warm cloak had been hiding the knife of treachery all the while. The poison of mistrust runs through my veins now. The weeds of indifference have overtaken the blossoms of love and I am dying a slow death under the veil of pretense.


Many hued pebbles

love, life lying threadbare

hopeless-a crushed rose








16 thoughts on “Love’s dream -A Haibun

  1. This haibun was a rollercoaster, up, then down at speed. Your prose was luscious, then suddenly hard…you cannot back-out of it anymore, it is truly superb writing. The haiku really summed it up dramatically. A very intimate read, like you’ve discovered a dark secret,all the more so as it started so light and airy. This piece DEFINITELY works best as a haibun! A comma after ‘wander’ on first line would not go amiss…

    • Am speechless with wonderment-am pinching myself-hard!Ouch-nope,am not dreaming 😀 Thank you -am feeling overwhelmed by such high praise Managua!Well,I thin k I am hooked now-will keep writing-good,bad or ugly 😛 And thanks for pointing out the missing pause-I should have noticed it 🙂

  2. Enjoyed – every bit of it! Unfolding and…unfolding again until all the colours are visible and the feelings – touched. I believed, Atrayee – from the beginning to the end. B.e.a.u.t.i.f.u.l. 🙂

  3. Awesome Atreyee what a wonderful haibun full of strong emotions. I think you have found your life’s goal … writing haibun. You’ve done a great job on this first attempt to write a well balanced haibun. The haiku is very strong, a gem. Keep on going.


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