The Reminder

It is time to take a dip in the amazing world of flash fiction again:-)It is time for writing for Friday Fictioneers, courtesy our host ,the wonderfully talented Rochelle:-)The challenge is to write a one hundred word story that has a beginning, middle and end. (No one will be ostracized for going a few words over the count.)This week,we have this photo to be used as inspiration.Her comes my piece 😛


Friday Fictioneers-The Reminder

Copyright-Al Forbes

                                                    Copyright-Al Forbes


Parking his car in the driveway, he heard laughter.

It was Stella, his wife.

Inside, their 6 year old daughter Daphne stood pouting, arms akimbo.

“We have to return the head, Daddy!”

“What head?”

“Dave, remember we watched the legend of Sleepy Hollow?”


“Today she saw the stone head at the museum .Since then, she has been saying that,” Stella grinned.

“But Daddy, the head told me to!”

“What did it say sweetie?”

Eerily, Daphne pronounced in a sing song nasal voice,“It is time you returned what you took.”

Dave paled.

Stella froze.

Both remembered –too late for amends!




62 thoughts on “The Reminder

    • 😛 Yes,they are-kind of-they had to in their past reincarnation and were cursed that they would have to pay a price in their next birth and the next-and the price would be the head of their child-and worse they would not remember all this,until it was too late.Ha!ha!Too crazy I know but thanks for dropping in to read and for the word of encouragement Rochelle:-)

  1. Welcome to the fun FF crowd, Atreyee! Well done. Eerie and creepy, wrapped up in a normal family scene. You got so close to the 100, and I just know you could skim 2 words here… it becomes an addictive challenge, each week! 😉

    • Oh those 2 extra made the title-am sure they are not counted as part of the story?

      Yes,I know-I joined another site Trifecta last Dec and except for the 3 months I was busy with my daughter’s college admission and some other family obligation,I haven’t missed even one challenge and they have two per week- 33 words for the week end and between 33 -333 for the week:-)Its amazing!

    • So,would you say I am back on track now Janna(granted there was no body ),lol!Thank you my friend-I truly appreciate your constant support and love when you tease;-)

  2. I’ve been known to lose my head a few times, but they keep bringing it back like it’s defective or something. I love the name Daphne and could just see the expression on her parents faces at the end. Very cool.

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