The alley

Friday Fictioneers

It’s Wednesday and our sparkling gem of a host Rochelle Wisoff- Fields over at FF has a new prompt for us to ponder on and come up with a short story 🙂



Write a one hundred word story that has a beginning, middle and end. (No one will be ostracized for going a few words over the count.)


copyright - Kent Bonham

                               copyright – Kent Bonham


Here come my 100 words(excluding the title).



The alley


Scouring the place, one evening we chanced upon this alleyway.

With its weird ramps, it was clearly meant for unhurried pedestrians.

So, it did not surprise us to find it deserted even at that time.

We smiled.

It was perfect for our plan.

Next night we left our car at the corner, hauling the heavy sack between us.

Reaching a suitable spot, we lowered our package deftly.

It squelched.

We left quickly.

Next day’s newspaper headlines screamed, “Mafia Kingpin Carlos‘s body found in deserted alley. Police baffled while city celebrates.”

We flew out to the next city that needed cleaning.




88 thoughts on “The alley

    • Ha!ha!I wish Rochelle but maybe some day…;-)Thank you for coming by to read and encourage-will start reading and commenting on the submissions on FF tonight or latest by tomorrow-am still getting the hang of this rushing here,there everywhere and still not getting much done,lol!

    • Hey,no hassles!Am always playing this catch up games-real life and priorities need to be taken care of first.Glad to see you though and thank you so much for coming by and for such a wonderful comment:-)I have still not been able to read all the entries-will try to read the remaining 45 or so tonight if I can,lol!Tc & see you soon!

  1. I really like that the end came as a surprise for me — the mystery of what was going on kept building. Great job giving out just a bit at a time. And what a payoff at the end!

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