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Friday, November 15, 2013

Trifextra: Week Ninety-Four–TrifeXXXtra

It is time for something eXXXtra at Trifecta this weekend-phew,am feeling all hot and embarrassed at my inexperience at writing this kind of stuff.Read for yourself what the challenge is-

And now on to a completely different type of prompt. As you may or may not know, November 15 is National Erotica Day. Trifecta is not an erotica-specific type of place, but we never shy away from a chance to stretch our creative limbs, and we hope you’ll join us as we dive in to celebrate this quirky day. 

We are asking for an open write this weekend–33 to 333 words of erotic writing.  No specific words need to be used, and we aren’t necessarily banning any either.This year we are imposing one additional limitation: we are not accepting any entries that deal with sexual violence.  We want this to be a celebration of sensuality.  Posts that contain graphic violence will be immediately deleted from our collection.So, hop to it.  Get cracking.  Break out of your comfort zone.  Or, if this is your comfort zone, let us in. This weekend’s challenge is community judged.

See more at:

I debated and dilly dallied over this one for almost 48 hours before deciding to follow Trifecta’s directive-I mean,unless I step out of my comfort zone,I will never evolve as a writer,right?Who knows,I may even win(ha!ha!Day dreaming is good 😉 )So here are my 333 words of erotica,served timidly-please have a bite 😀


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His eyes ran over her hungrily as she entered the room. Her auburn hair framed her pixie like face. His skin tingled with anticipation as she walked over to the bar in her sexy red stilettos.

He inhaled her musky scent as she climbed on to the bar stool next to him. His breath caught in his throat as her short dress climbed up, his pupils dilating at the sight of her creamy thighs.

She did not look at him but her soft, warm hands came to rest on his .This simple act was enough to set him aflame. It took all his will power not to take her then and there.

With a seductive smile, she suddenly turned and kissed him full on the mouth. She tasted deliciously sweet. Before he could react, she took hold of his shirt and tore it off his body, the buttons flying. She pulled him by his tie and pushed him onto the bed, unbuckling his belt and relieving him of his trousers and briefs in one fluid motion. Shoes and socks followed.

As he lay on the bed, his arousal evident, she danced sensuously, dropping her clothes, one by one.

Climbing on to the bed she stood over him, gyrating, wearing only her red stilettos.  This made him go crazy. He lunged at her but she moved away.”Not yet, my Romeo,” she smiled mischievously.”The night is still young. Let’s play.”

And so they played. Soon, her sighs turned to moans when he used expert touches to wind her up, her taut body a beautiful instrument of love. In return her lips sang paeans to his rising passion, his ragged breathing, her reward. The kisses deepened, their desire scaling higher.

Slowly, the eagerness to drink deeply from this sea of love spilled over and their bodies fused- a single throbbing entity, strumming to the throes of love. When her molten core arched up in a crescendo of ecstasy, he joined her quickly, melting together in rupture.




46 thoughts on “Play on

    • Oh my Ann-you are so kid and sweet:-)I don’t think I will win anytime soon-am still very raw at writing and as far as this genre is concerned,I just debuted but thank you for the lovely warm compliment-u made my day!

  1. Very hot, Atreyee. I’m glad someone else was wearing those stilettos.
    Love the last line, how the last word also made me think of rapture!

  2. Atreyee! Wonderfully sensual! I’m a sucker for stilettos!!! I’m so happy you wrote this.

    Because I have (college aged) kids and the content is, ahem, racy, I posted anonymously. Come visit!!!

  3. I crafted a story plan on Friday evening itself while returning from work , then I fell sick and could not even sit to finish my story..:( I’ll write next year on Nov 15th :D..

    I loved your story a lot , Atreyee. :)Wonderful choice of words 🙂

    • Oh,poor you!The season change is causing all these illnesses-u better take care and get well soon-sending you healing vibes and loving hugs Archita:-)

      Thank you for taking time off ,even in your illness,to come by to read and leave a comment-I appreciate it more than I can say:-)

  4. First off, I am so proud of you for stepping out of your comfort zone to participate in this challenge. Many Trifectans opted out. So, good for you!

    I love all the little details you included. They really added to the scene. I could see her through his eyes. This was tender, yet steamy. Well done, my friend!

    • Ahh!Now this comment was the cherry on top of all the icing my “erotic” cake has recd and now my week is made-better than any award I bet 😀 Thanks my dear friend-you are the “bestest”;-)

    • Ha!ha!This piece was not even close to make anyone blush-but I understand-I m no prude -in fact I love reading erotica but still get a lill hot & bothered when it is raw or a lil more bold-if u know hat I mean,lol!

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