Friday Fictioneers

Rochelle Wisoff-Fields,our host at FF and writer par excellence,wants us to write a 100 word story based on this picture prompt,this week:-)

                                                                        Copyright – Sean Fallon


Ah,now if only I had not lost my magic pen-what?Okay,okay the magic mouse and the magical keyboard!Sigh-such nitpicking!



Just as Cecelia’s lips met his, he heard an angry hiss.

“You, a mere mortal dared touch a witch’s daughter!”

“But Ma, Horace loves me!”Cecelia cried.

“Wench! I will deal with you later.”

With that she zapped Cecelia who disappeared in a puff of smoke.

Horace knew he was in dire trouble when she pointed her wand at him and began chanting,” Blood run cold, skin turn white, break into parts and turn into doll !”


Horace’s head hurt.

 Opening his eyes, he was shocked to see his naked torso and legs nearby.

His life as a mannequin had begun!



30 thoughts on “Cursed

    • I so agree with you Linda and yes I realize now I should have used a rhyming curse-ah!We learn a s we write;-)Thank you for coming by to read and for your lovely comment:-)

  1. I have to admit I was looking for a rhyming curse, too, although “doll” is a tough one to rhyme. “Skin turn white, Body cold, Be in parts ’til you grow old.” 🙂 Or something like that.


    • Ah,I should have thought about it-I love rhyming words but I guess I was too caught up in editing and this last week was such a whirlwind that I was just hurrying through everything-that’s the reason for this delayed response to this comment-hope to be on time this week.Thank you so much for stopping by:-)

      • Ha!ha!So true Janet:-)Thank you for the love and though we do not celebrate Thanksgiving(we are Hindus-India)I wish you and your family and loved ones a very Happy Thanksgiving-loads of love:-)

    • That’s such a cool suggestion Kz-it never occurred to me-thank you so much-as I told Karen,will try it out someday soon:-)My apologies for not being able to read your submission this week and for commenting so late-life has been a whirlwind this last week 😛

    • Aww,thank you Karen-that is so lovely of you to say-it is a great idea and I could have never thought of it on my own-so thank you & dear Kz for coming by to read and for this suggestion-will try -one of these days:-)

    • Ha!ha!I guess!So nice of you to come by to read and leave a comment-thank you Rochelle:-) This week life has been a roller coaster and though I had hoped to come by and read all the entries ,I just could not-in fact I am so far behind even on responding to the comments on my post as you can see for yourself – I feel such a heel!:-(

      • There are no obligations or time limits on reading and commenting. I find that some weeks I’m still reading an commenting on one list when the next one goes live. Some of us are obsessive about getting around to all of the stories and commenting while others aren’t.

      • You are so right and wise too Rochelle-maybe I should learn not to obsess over it too and take it as it comes-thank you for the lovely words-I will try to loosen up a bit-being new in this world of writing and blogging,am still not sure howto go about things 😛 Have a wonderful week-loads of love-catch you soon((hugs))

  2. Should we put Horace’s parts together and spell him back to mortal? A steep price to pay for just a mere kiss…
    jinxx xoxo

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