In the eyes of the beholder

Trifecta: Week 106

This week Trifecta tossed a difficult one at us(at least it was for me).This is the word prompt for this week’s writing challenge-

This week we wanted to do something to mark the Jewish holiday of Hanukkah, and we foolishly thought that would be easy.  There are so many amazing Yiddish words that found their way into the English language, and we thought it would be great to highlight one.  To find one with a third definition, however, was not so easy.  We thought all was lost until we stumbled upon this gem.


1. a long pointed tooth; especially : a horse’s canine

2. an interjection used to express disdain or reproach

3. buttocks (slang)

Happy Hanukkah to our Jewish friends.  Now let’s all write our tushes off.

• Your response must be between 33 and 333 words. 
• You must use the 3rd definition of the given word in your post. 
• The word itself needs to be included in your response. 
• You may not use a variation of the word; it needs to be exactly as stated above. 
• Only one entry per writer. 

Easier said than done!I sat on my tush for  the last 2 days wracking my brains but to no avail.Then last night,a seed sprouted and  today it started taking some shape and here are my 331 words.Hope you all like it:-)

In the eyes of the beholder


Life is so unfair Mabel thought and frowned, looking at her reflection in the mirror. She turned this way and that, pulling her black dress. But whichever way she pulled, the reflected image looked the same. She hated how her body looked now- even-nah make that –specially- her tush!

Her eyes caught a movement and she turned to see her husband-her adorable Geoffrey- watching her with an amused look on his face.

 “Anymore of that and I won’t be responsible for the consequences,”he winked and smiled naughtily.

Mabel pouted.”Don’t joke Geoff! Look at me! Am looking so terrible! How can I go to the event looking so frumpy?”

Geoffrey guffawed. “Now who is joking? You and frumpy? That would be the day!”

Mabel looked ready to cry.

Geoffrey came to stand behind her, his arms around her still slim waist. Looking at her in the mirror, he whispered, “My love, you still look as ravishing and hot as you did a decade back. Sometimes I cannot believe that ten years have passed.”

In spite of herself, Mabel had to smile. Geoffrey was so good to her. Not only was he a great person, a wonderful husband and a fine provider but also an amazing Dad to their five year old twins. She was very, very lucky to have him in her life.

Geoffrey walked to the open wardrobe, and to her astonishment took out a slinky red dress, matched it with red stilettos and brought them over to her. His eyes twinkled when he said “Don this, my she-devil and watch the men falling over you!”

She had to smile, her mood lifting.

“Now are you going to stand and stare while I change?” she remarked, raising one eyebrow.

Pulling her close, he unzipped her black dress and drawled, “Would you rather I do something? “ He teased.

She laughed delightedly, pushing him away, “Yes, but not now-after the party.”

“Is that a promise?”

She nodded.

Smiling, they hugged each other.





29 thoughts on “In the eyes of the beholder

  1. Oh I loved these two! Even though this is fiction, there is a lot of truth here. I’m guessing most men aren’t as hung up on our “imperfections” as we are. And Geoffrey is such a sweetie for calling Mable his she-devil. Thanks for such a happy story today, my friend!! Again, I loved it:)

    • :-)Thanks a ton for the thumbs up Val-I thought it was time for me to try something little different and fortunately it seemed to fit-so I went with it-glad you think it is good xx

  2. We are our own worst critics, I’m afraid! Atreyee!!! I loved this. They are so darling and this warmed my heart. You can be married a long time and still have a spouse who’s hot for you just like this two!

  3. Well, I was waiting for your dark side to make an appearance and it never did. Very nice, Atreyee. A change of pace and a delightful one. A glimpse into a happy marriage.. so welcome and so very sweet.

      • I’m just encouraging you to keep putting yourself “out there” vs being your own critic 😉 I know that starting my blog at the end of October has helped me get so far out of my comfort zone…you have NO idea. The longer I’m on here, “playing” with the prompts, the more out of my comfortable paper and ink mode I personally get out of. I’m so happy to have connected with you and the lovely people on WP and in Trifecta. Thank you for cheering me on. I hope I’m doing the same for you my beautiful far away friend 🙂 cheers!

      • You are a bright star my dear friend-so shine on and I will keep that beacon of love in my mind whenever I feel low or out of sorts-thanks for being there ❤ Off to teach my students now-will be bk after 2 hours,till then tc & keep writing 🙂

      • AM back-going to read the rest of the FF entries-some 25 still remaining-then will go back and design some rooms on FB-then later at night will chk the other challenges on the anvil:-)

    • Ha!Ha!Janna,yes,I decided to send my dark side on a lil holiday-it had been working too hard;-)Glad it appealed to you.Ah,in my house it is the same as ever-hubby never noticed when I was slim,trim and pretty-now that I am older and packed on pounds,he doesn’t bother much either-except telling me to walk or somethg ,sometimes,lol!

    • Ha!ha!Laura-not that I know of-this is a mere figment of my over fertile(read romantic)imagination;-)Thanks for coming by to read and for the cute comment:-)

    • Ha!ha!I did and am glad you all liked this -it was a first for me I believe but somehow it just seemed to fit-so I decided to take the other route;-)

      Kymm,you have no idea but you always manage to make me smile with your uplifting comments-I cannot begin to say how much it means to me -so thank you:-)((hugs))

  4. Now that’s the template for an awesome couple. I hope everyone who is married was taking notes. I love the warmth and playfulness between the two of them. Loved this story.

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