Trifextra: Week Ninety-Seven

It is Friday and thus time for Trifextra:-)

This weekend we are being asked to add thirty of our own words to the following three words for a total of thirty-three. 

Here are my 33 🙂



Your honeyed lies dazzle me. Am too myopic to see the veil of deception. The sword of reality cuts deep. I bleed tears. You leave. The acid of betrayal spills, turning the basin red.


61 thoughts on “Forever…always

      • Looks like I might not make it just right now. I’m self publishing my first novel. That and Christmas seems to be taking up a lot of my time.
        But I will save the name and hopefully I’ll be able to get to it.

      • Oh wow-a novel?My best wishes for the same and wish you a Merry Christmas a lil in advance-am off to my school reunion in a couple of days -so will not be around till 25th,u tc and God bless:-)

      • Have fun at your class reunion. And have a blessed and marry Christmas.
        I’ll be staying here. My brother and his wife are coming to visit, not just me but her family and friends as well.

      • Thank you MR-we do not celebrate Christmas-we are Hindus but thank you for the thought:-)

        Good to learn that you are having family over for the holidays-enjoy 🙂

        Hope this week you are writing for Trifecta-only 33 words-heck it out if you like-I will be posting mine today and hope to write for FF tomorrow when the prompt is posted-3 more days to the reunion-am excited like anything:-)

    • Thank you Diane-am so happy that it came across-as you know,this is not my area of expertise-am trying to break the mould I have set myself in & learning:-)Funny you said that-my initial reaction was the same but then it just came to me -am sure you could have also given those words a new spin,had you tried but never mind,Monday is almost here and we get to walk on anew path again:-)

    • Thank you Indira:-)Am down with a bad bout of migraine-waiting for it to subside before I can tackle anything-so many pending responses and things to write:-(Hope you are doing better than me 😛

      • Hi dear. Very sorry you are suffering from migraine. I also suffered from it for 30 years then a Dr. in Seven Hills, Visakhapatnam Hospital, completely cured me of that with OmezD-20, and Alprazolam. I can understand how you are feeling. Get well soon, my blessings.

      • Oh,you did?And it cured you forever?wow!How many doses and duration?Would love to try.Thanks for your wishes-am better today Indira-may I call you Di?:-)

      • I would love to be called dida also. Omez D- morning one capsule before breakfast and Alprex at bed time . I had sever acidity problem. After eating certain food or anxiety it occurs, so please take care and consult a doctor. Love and hugs.

      • To be called a Dida is every mother with a daughter’s dream-so is mine ;-)My daughter used to call my mom “nani”-i like that more-maybe if God wills it,I will be blessed in another 10 years-old bones will be able to bear it or not I don’t know,ha!ha!Acidity has been my companion since I conceived 18 years back-i take one antacid everyday-but will def ask my doc-thank you for the info Indira(no Di or Dida),lol!

      • You know chronic patient are half Doctor and 50 years sickness has made me full Doctor. You can try Robinia Q 10 drops with little water after food.( Homyo.) . Bengali, machh bhaja , begun bhaja khabe na ta ki hoy. tahole aciditio thakbe. You can call me Indirama or anything you like I don’t mind.

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