Goblin in boots

Friday Fictioneers

Time for penning those magical(or mundane) 100 words or so for Rochelle Wisoff-Field’s wonderful site FF.(For more information and fun ,go to http://rochellewisofffields.wordpress.com/2013/12/11/13-december-2013/). Rochelle always manages to set the bar high with her excellent writing and this leaves writers like me scratching their heads and staring blankly into space.This time was no exception, with my migraine being the icing on the cake.So without much ado,let me just get down to posting my 102 words story(including the title)based on this photo prompt ,provided by Adam Ickes:-)

Copyright - Adam Ickes

                                               Copyright – Adam Ickes



Goblin in boots


Goblin Trotsneak sat on a toadstool weighed down by over sized boots, looking morose.

His mischievousness had cost him his freedom.

Everyone had warned him but paying no heed he had gone skipping.

He was confident he would not get caught.

First, he had switched potions gleefully.

Then the boots on the windowsill beckoned.

As he was dropping them into the cauldron, Grey Witch had flown in and cast her deadly spell.

“You dared enter

a witch’s haunt

forever now bear the brunt

the boots you touched

will grow on you

for eternity may

the curse be on you.








63 thoughts on “Goblin in boots

      • I always am awed by you people-you work,write,read and look after a family among other things and here I am -just a stay at home mom-with a tiny family but still no time-boo hoo!Just came on here and it is already 1.30 a.m-sheesh!Am going to Trifecta first – will try to read and comment on as many a I can-u have a wonderful day/niight Anja:-)

      • NEVER say “just a stay at home mom”. I was a stay at home mom for 12 years…I loved it and know how exhausting it is. I didn’t work until my youngest was 12. I cherish those years. 🙂
        I work now because I am a single mom and going back to school.
        I am home…about to head off to a friend of my daughters choir concert and then try to read posts. ha…TRY.

      • Ah,I agree with you Anja-I worked for 10 till my daughter came along-as u may be aware she was a miracle baby:-)So i decided to do a Ph D on mommy hood-did some teaching in between for about 6 years and now tho she is in college and am free,no jobs available for a 52 year old in this market-sp India is terrible because we have too much population-so the older gen is dispensable-I do some home tutoring just to keep in touch 😉

        My admiration for you has now gone up a notch-a single mom-wow and going back to school and working and blogging and painting…endless list-OMG!I salute the woman in you,bless you and keep smiling:-)

        Enjoy the concert and yes “try” is a good word-am going to try too (FF-finished Trifecta yesterday)after I finish responding to the comments on my posts,lol!Have a great evening:-)

      • Ha..I think my ADHD mixed with synesthesia keeps me going. At night if I sit, I am asleep. lol

        I was supposed to go to India in a couple of weeks. It has been my dream to go but when the furloughs starting hitting ( I work for the DoD) and then we had looming furloughs for January or February..I ended up canceling the trip. 😦 Things worked out because now with my looming surgery (possibly two), there is no way I could have done it all. Maybe 2014 will be the year. 🙂
        I am just waking and cannot remember how much I read last night. eek

      • Oh,you were?What is DoD? And you are having surgery?That too two?Oh my!What for?Hope they are not serious?Do you have anyone to take care of you afterwards and of your family when you are in the hospital?I hope so-and wish you all the best for a successful procedure and a quick recovery!
        I hope 2014 will be good to you in more ways than one and hopefully we get to meet if you visit India?Wonder if my city will be on your itinerary though? 🙂

        I finished reading all the submissions that had come in till noon(my time)-89 of them-including mine-will chk tomoro if any new ones have been posted:-)Happy reading

      • DoD is Department of Defense 🙂
        I am going to have a hysterectomy and possibly remove two masses in my breast. I will have my two kids (17 and 19 yrs old) helping me with recovery.
        I hope 2014 is way better than this year. Started off horribly and ending with a bit more of a challenge. But I will get through. 🙂
        I will let you know when they get the next trip going. I was going with my Yoga teacher and we were supposed to do some service work while we were there. They are all still going. I can look up the names of all the cities we were going.
        I just got home…was gone for 13 hours starting at 7am. I am TIRED. lol

      • Apologies for responding so late-at times I take a step back from all this when I feel overwhelmed by the volume-my severe cold just added to that feeling 😛

        Oh,very tough -surgeries are always fraught with so many in-built tensions-of infection-post operative care and healing-you also work-so that means going back to work.Wish you all the best for these procedures-stay strong and loads of love to you and your lovely kids:-)

        Do let me know-I live in the eastern part in the “city of joy”,Kolkata(formerly known as Calcutta,which used to be the capital for the Britishers who ruled us for so many years.

        Wow-13 hours-I would be whipped too!

      • Oh don’t apologize…I really understand. We all need to step back especially if you are sick. No worries.

        Thank you. I am sure things will go as well as possible. No one wants surgery, but when needed…what can you do? 🙂 Both my kids will be big help.

        Here are the cities we were going…
        Delhi, Rishikesh, Goa, Agra
        I am sure you can make more sense out of that than me.

      • Ah yes-sometimes surgery is life saving:-)
        Delhi,Agra and Rishikesh are all in the north while Goa is in the west-so too far but of if u come,at least we can talk on the phone,no? 🙂

      • That would be cool if we get to meet in real life-wow!Take care and wish you and your family Happy holidays Anja,see u on 26th after I return:-)Tc ,love xx

    • Ha!ha!Yes DR ,I do hope he has learnt his lesson;-)Thank you so much-I changed the title while submitting -originally it was “The goblin and the witch”-which seemed very run of the mill kinds-so with boots,i got that brain wave,lol!

  1. Dear Atreyee,

    I hope by this time your migraine’s gone. I’m somewhat subject to them myself and feel your pain in the most literal sense.

    A fun tale and clever take on the prompt.

    *Never say “just stay at home mom”. That’s the highest calling and toughest job. No vacations or overtime pay either.



    • Yes Rochelle,thank you so much-am fit and fine and raring to go-for my school reunion that is-only 4 more days till i travel-looking forward to fun filled 4 days with my batch mates-this is the 4th time we are meeting in the last 8 years and we are still as excited as the first time!I will miss the writing and reading though but that’s ok-will try to write this Wednesday before I leave:-)

      Thank you for liking my story:-)

      Ha!ha!Yes,I am doing a PhD on mommyhood and am loving it-no regrets:-)

      Happy Holidays to you and your family Rochelle-see you soon:-)love

  2. I enjoyed this a lot and the curse was just perfect. I agree with the comments about stay-at-home moms. I used to laugh when people said, “Oh, you don’t work.” If you’ve ever stayed at home with children, you work. I also homeschooled our girls through high school and had a small personal training business for 16 years so yes, I worked. 🙂 Glad you’re feeling better.


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