Slippery customer

Trifecta: Week 107


On now to this week’s challenge, where the word is:

MELT (transitive verb)


• Your response must be between 33 and 333 words.
• You must use the 3rd definition of the given word in your post.  
• The word itself needs to be included in your response.  
• You may not use a variation of the word; it needs to be exactly as stated above.  
• Only one entry per writer.   –

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Well,after two days of agony,nursing a bad bout of migraine,here I am groggy but better,attempting to play catch up.Hope this offering(333 words) is not entirely unpalatable,though a tad silly;-)


Slippery customer

“It started two months back-with her feet, “Harris stated tiredly.

“What do you mean?”

“You see her beautiful feet were developing calluses and cracks. No salons would do-she was a DIY kind of woman. So, off she went to the market and came back laden with all kinds of special scrubs, exfoliating tools and oils .After that there was no stopping her. Agreed her feet started becoming softer but this was like OCD-I mean she would just melt at the mention of any product promising to soften her feet and order them at the drop of a hat!”

 Detective Sheridan looked at the middle-aged man sitting before him and said, “So you decided to kill her, Harris?”

“No officer, I did not! Yes, I admit I harboured that thought specially when meals became few and far between and the soup tasted-ugh soapy! The house reeked of exotic oils and my sinuses became clogged. Soggy towels, pumice stones and scrubbers of all kinds filled up our bathroom shelf! Worst was her insistence on wearing thick woollen socks even in our intimate moments-the few we had that is!”Harris sighed.

Sheridan hid a smile under his bushy moustache and continued with his investigation. His sympathies lay with Harris but he was duty bound.

“Then how do you explain the fatal injury on her head? Are you suggesting she hit herself?”

“Ah no Officer! I know how it looks but she must have slipped and hit her head on the marble floor, when she rushed to open the door. I had warned her many times about the dangers of walking on wet feet but she never listened. You saw for yourself the wet footprints and the tub of soapy water.The courier company can verify…”

“Hmm, you mean in her eagerness to receive the package of wonder foot cream that she had ordered, she ran?”

“Yes officer.”

“Too convenient don’t you think? But for your sake Harris, I hope the post-mortem report rules out any foul play.”







46 thoughts on “Slippery customer

  1. I love your use of small details and things that wouldn’t normally seem important. Personally I think it is normally the small things in life that are most likely to drive a person insane. Great job!

    • Oh,thank you ladyharvey for such a beautiful comment:-)Yes,it is always the little things that add up to a big positive or negative:-)Off to read the Trifecta entries now-will catch up with your piece too

  2. I agree about your use of small details.. all those soaps, pumice stone, wearing socks during intimate moments, even soapy soup.. they add so much to the story. Maybe my sense of humor is a bit warped but I thought it was funny that she might have been running to accept yet one more package of foot cream. Well done, Atreyee. I love this. 🙂

    • Ah thank you Managua-so lovely to see you-you are always so kind:-)Sorry I had to drop out of your Haibun challenge-I found it beyond my limited abilities but am keeping an eye on it and maybe someday I will be inspired to attempt it again:-)U tc my friend

      • Will definitely check and try to enter-am so rushed for time nowadays-am off to attend my school reunion kin a week’s time-am terribly excited-so many mails everyday-haven’t replied for the last two days and am dreading to show my face-there will be 100’s-eeks!Have been avoiding CD too-just no time and poetry always takes more out of me than prose-will try to chk tonight.Btw,I don’t have a tumblr or twitter ac 😛

      • 100s! I bet they don’t know about your writing…well..if you wake at 4 am you could do a quick haibun! Not pushing, only joking – tumblr + twitter bring more to yr blog. If I reblog your post it goes there also. Have a great reunion!

      • Yes-we have been on yahoo for the past 12 years and this is our 4th meet in the last 8 years:-)They do know that recently I have taken to writing -though they were aware of my love for our National language Hindi which was my medium of expression and in which I used to write poetry-in fact in 2009 I had written a poem on childhood and the associated memories which was recited at the reunion by another classmate and another recorded it and posted it on youtube-yesterday I wrote a long “ghazal” kind of poem for this reunion and plan to surprise them with it:-)Thanks for the tips and for the help-and also for the wishes-it will be non-stop fun for 3 full days:-)I will be returning on 25th.

        I chkd the challenge-will introspect on it tonight and hope to write something by tomorrow:-wish me luck:-)

      • I do wish you luck. Very much. My very good friend, who I call my brother comes from Kerala, which I may have already said and I am fascinated by many languages in India and the scripts. Though my brother speaks Hindi as a 2nd language he still had fun teaching important things, like transcribing ‘Diwali’ etc. Pls don’t feel forced! Read your poem with full confidence. I am sure it is great!

      • Thank you Managua:-)Yes,you did tell me about your fascination with other cultures,languages and scripts:-)I hope so -will let you know how it went after I return:-)

  3. She had to get the foot cream…the ad said it was to die for 🙂 I know that was sick and warped but I couldn’t help it. How ironic if the foot cream did lead to her death. I agree with the others, your details really made the story!

    • Ha!ha!If it was sick and warped ,then so was my piece ;-)Am so glad you too got that bit of dark humour-I was afraid that I may not have been able to bring that quirkiness here:-)Thanks a ton for lifting me up with your lovely comment my friend,love xx

  4. Very funny, Atreyee. A quirky metaphor for all that blinds us in our obsessions and ends up bringing us down (on a marble floor occasionally!). I have my own, rather slapstick version of how she ended up on the floor… Terrific story!

  5. Such a great story, Atreyee! The details were so vivid and added so much to the narrative. I love the detective’s bushy mustache and the smile he hid beneath it.

  6. Oh I do hope there was no foul play, but with those wet feet you just never know. I loved this, I have to say I was laughing all the way through.:)

  7. Haha! Love the dark humor. I bet he did it. Can’t say that I blame him. I wonder what he’s planning to do with all her leftover products. My feet are horribly cracked this time of year. I could use those creams. 🙂

    Thanks for the smile. Great work, as always!

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