Winter Sport

Friday Fictioneers

Can’t believe its over two weeks since I last wrote anything!But I have been unwell and  still recovering from a severe  cold and viral infection,thus the delay.Had a wonderful reunion though and had a lovely time with my cousins who came visiting in December 2013.

Well,to pick up the pen with Rochelle’s  photo prompt at FF is I think very exciting and before I post my 100 word entry for this week’s challenge,let me wish our lovely host Rochelle Wisoff-Fields,her loved ones and my fellow bloggers and friends on FF a very Happy and prosperous 2014, with loads of fun and tons of interesting writing-may all your dreams and aspirations be fulfilled!

At FF Rochelle has chosen the following photo  by Erin Leary as this week’s prompt and here is what I came up with(99 words including the title).Enjoy:-)

Copyright - Erin Leary

                                                 Copyright – Erin Leary   


Winter Sport


He stood there by the fence watching the setting Sun cast dark shadows on the murky water.

An empty sack lay motionless on the ground.

On the other side, marshy undergrowth flourished, sucking away life giving water.

He looked at the swirling mist that was creeping in and smiled.

He loved winter.

He could hear them coming.

Another 10 minutes.

His eyes shone with anticipated pleasure.

He liked to catch them young. Tender meat was his weakness.

He picked up the gun and aimed.

Right on cue, the flock of ducks came in flying from the north.






60 thoughts on “Winter Sport

  1. I really thought this was going somewhere else – you took me by surprise at the end there. Nicely done. Interesting you saw the sun as setting… I saw it as rising.

  2. I’m glad you’re recovering from your bad cold etc. they have been nasty this year. Your story was very well written…I get the impression of a monster waiting for a kill….liked it very much! 😉

  3. Glad to see you back and getting over being sick!

    I’ve been reading too many of your stories. I fully expected his wife to be in the bag and him hunting children. Thank goodness it was ducks… that’s much less twisted.

    But what does this say about my mind? Hmmm…. 🙂

    • Hiya there Janna ❤ HNY my dear friend-missed you! Ha!ha!Maybe am turning over a new leaf this year-ack!Your mind is just as I like it-fertile:-)What's up?Anything new?How far is that novel-want to see it published soon:-)

  4. Dear Atreyee,

    Good to have you back and hear that you’re feeling better. I loved the direction your story took at the end, after thinking it was going to be something else. Nice job. My nephew’s a duck hunter, this made me think o him.



    • Hi Rochelle,thank you for the wishes and the warm welcome:-)Yes,initially I had planned it -the predictable route but changed it mid way-something needs to be new,eh? ;-)Glad you liked it-say hello to your nephew:-)

  5. you went for rich atmosphere and it definitely worked. for a while i thought he was hunting for children. i felt relieved by the ending lol 🙂

  6. He could be harvesting cranberries in that bog. I love winter and hunting too. I wish those critters would come on cue, but they rarely do for me.
    One suggestion – I’d leave out the word “motionless” in the line about the sack, and just say it lay at his feet or something like that. If it’s empty we don’t expect it to be squirming. 🙂 Just a thought.

    • True-I have no idea about duck hunting cos in my country I don’t think they have such a sport but I have read about it:-)Thanks for reading and for the suggestion Russel-highly appreciated :-)It was a deliberate addition-kind of a red herring-so that the reader wonders and thus is surprised at the unexpected ending?Hope now it feels ok? 🙂

    • Thanks for the comment:-)It is just a story and world over everyone has different tastes-as long as no one is forcing one to adopt another way of life,its okay for me:-)

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