Questioning heart

Open Link Night ~ Week 131


Questioning heart


Tell me my love

When you ripped my heart open

And I bled tears

Did it bathe your wounds?

Or heal your scars?

When you painted my soul

with the black ink of betrayal

did a rainbow appear

in the mirror of your soul?

Please, sweetheart,

Do tell me

when you pierced my self esteem

with shrapnel of indifference

Did your lips taste sweetness?

or did your heart skip a beat?

Did you perchance feel a thrill

when you shattered my fragile anima

with your harsh silence?

Tell me my love

Did the keening of my lonely soul

turn into lullaby 

When you laid yourself down to sleep?

Pray, tell me

Did you feel victorious?

With every promise you broke

And with each lie you uttered

Did you settle some score?

I so want to know,

Did it make you happy

To erase the memories I thought we made?

Or was it just a cake walk

To never give, but just take?

When I begged for scraps

Did it give you a high?

 Or did peace dawn on you

When you heard me sigh?

Wonder if it ever bothered you darling

the mind games you played?

Leading me on with your worldly wise ways?

Kindly answer, for I do need to know

Why does my heart still ache without you

and life seems hollow?




The above poem was written for DVerse.To learn more and participate,please click on the link



28 thoughts on “Questioning heart

  1. what conflicted emotions eh? we miss them….but then they only played mind games…..there is another poet that wrote tonight on the anniversary of an abusive fathers death and how that was making her feel…(maggie)

    • You hit the nail on the head-it is an addiction,I too feel-letting go of such a habit is tough-heart keeps hankering for its “fix” ;-)Thank you so much for the kind comment Claudia-will come by to read yours in a couple of hours:-)

    • Yes,it is very difficult but as you rightly said,no use holding on when it comes to that point-best to let go-time heals :-)Thank you so much for the lovely comment-will come by to read yours soon:-)

  2. Your poem reminds me of a conversation I just had about women abuse, their relationship with their abuser and how hard it is sometimes for them to leave their husbands/partners despite the mistreatments.

    • Thank you Gabriella for coming by to read and for the comment:-)Yes,I know many such women and have never been able to comprehend their inability to free themselves-makes me wonder how some people can be such gluttons for punishment!

  3. You describe a cad so well…and the devastation they leave behind. These type of people never really change and the next woman he meets will be in for more of the same. It’s really a blessing that they move out of our lives but yes, can be hard to let go because we do get accustomed to their presence. Best beat them to their game and end it first. That will do wonders for your self esteem!

    • Ah,life-its mostly unfair-no?I hope she will get over that insensitive man someday:-)Thanks Janna for coming by to read-always,love u xx Trifecta,here I come 😀

  4. He sounds like such a nice chap that I wonder how she ever loved him, let alone still does. You really pack this full of pain and yearning.

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