Post Valentine


Time again to have some fun at FF where our wonderful host Rochelle Wisoff-Fields manages to attract more than 100 writers from all over the world every week. These talented writers respond to a photo prompt and come up with 100 or so words of fiction or poetry.This week the photo below is provided by Janet Webb.

Copyright - Janet Webb

                                             Copyright – Janet Webb

This cool photo immediately stirred dark,murderous ideas in my wicked brain but strangely,my story decided to go its own way.So here it comes-101 words including the title :-)By the way,my heartfelt thanks to all those who came by to read my submission last week and my apologies if I haven’t been around to read their’s or respond with a thanks. Have been a little busy as my daughter’s 18th Birthday is coming up this Saturday and I have been running around trying to get the invitations out and shopping and stuff.However,I promise to read  this week’s submission without fail by next Monday.


Post Valentine

Hi Camellia! How was Valentine’s Day?

Oh Kara, don’t even ask!

Why what happened?

I think I need some strong coffee first.

The aroma of fresh coffee perked them up.

Well Kara, I was shocked to see that Kevin had ordered red wine. Eww! You know how I hate red wine!”


And imagine, there were no chocolates or flowers!

OMG! Such a cheapskate! Did he give a gift?

My portrait painted by him! So ugly!

Bah! Kick him out of your life.

Oh, I already did.

Fantastic! His loss sweetie! Let’s go shopping.

Let’s! I need retail therapy.




40 thoughts on “Post Valentine

    • Wow-that’s such a huge compliment Patricia-am always worried about my dialogues-thank you so much:-)And yes,you are right Karma is definitely a boomerang -so she better watch out:-)

    • So true but you know these girls of today-all they want is material things-showing off-no substance!Well,he is better off without her,no? ;-)Thanks for stopping by to read and for the comment Patrick:-)

  1. Terribly short-sighted of Camillia–Kim’s art sale raised over a hundred-thousand dollars selling fake Andy Warhols–you never know what a genuine Kevin might bring.

  2. Moving on without the murderous vein . . . good take on the prompt this week. Not sure how I would take receiving my own portrait as a romantic gesture. I’ve always thought it a little creepy.

    Marie Gail

    • Ha!ha!Thank you Marie,I decided to keep the murderous streak of mine in chains this week ;-)Thank you for stopping by to read and for the cute comment-I totally agree-my own portrait would not go down well as a VD gift I am sure 😉

  3. Materialistic little snot – she doesn’t deserve the painting! Very good story and I do agree that times have changed and some girls are all about the gifts and not the feelings. One of my all time favorite valentines day gifts is a 6 by 8 inch slab of steel which my husband had soldered our initials and wedding date on. Good story and I really liked your dialogue too! Thanks, Nan

    • Ha!ha!So true-loved that term-materialistic little snot,lol!Thank you Nan for coming by and making me laugh with that comment and I think it is so romantic that you had your initials soldered on that slab:-)

  4. So in sync with the world of today!
    I’m just waiting for the day feelings get sold for money! That’ll be the end of it all!
    Heartbreaking but honest.

    I loved the dialogues! This played in my mind like a movie 🙂

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