Scent of yesterday

Scent of yesterday


The exquisite dress showcased in the display window took Trisha’s breath away. Her pupils dilated, her heart hammered in her chest and she felt faint.

“Get a grip girl, this is London and not Paris,” she admonished herself.

Still, she could not stop herself from looking up to check the name of the shop.”En amour”! Her head reeled. No, it was just not possible!

Trisha was suddenly afraid. Should she enter the shop? Was it worth the risk? What if it turned out to be true? And what if it did not? Did she truly want to know?

With trepidation, she entered the shop. Immediately, her senses were assailed by the fragrance of mimosas-her favourite. A young shop assistant came up to her, “May I help you Madam?”

“Ugh, was wondering if you could tell me the price of that dress in the window?”

“Oh, Madam our apologies but that dress is not for sale.” With that she pointed to a small card which Trisha had missed and it said, “Not for sale.”

“I see. Could you please tell me the name of the designer?”

“Monsieur Felix Pierre. He is also the proprietor.”

Trembling like a leaf within, Trisha asked ,”Would it be possible to meet him?”

“If you can wait a little, you can, He usually arrives at lunch time.”

“I shall return after an hour then.”

Sipping on her cappuccino, her mind travelled backwards and she found herself back in Paris. At nineteen, she was a successful model working for top design houses. She met Felix-then a struggling designer, at a fashion party. She had found him charming and great company. Soon, they were spending all their free time together. Both discovered they loved the same kind of music, books and art. They both loved to cook and both were passionate about their careers. Trisha also realized that Felix was extremely talented and introduced him to many top notch designers.

Within no time, Felix started making headlines with his stunning designs and at the same time, their love for each other blossomed. He told her that his dream was to open a shop someday for a select clientele. Then, he won a national award for one of his designs. They were ecstatic.

Trisha remembered how Felix had taken her on a picnic and proposed with a bunch of mimosas and a solitaire. Their wedding was to be held in the Loire valley and the reception would be in” La Grande Cascade.”

Tears pricked her eyes and a bitter taste filled her mouth as she remembered how she had been left standing at the altar and the endless days of waiting, hurting, the unanswered questions….

No, she told herself vehemently, she did not want to know the answers now. Ten years had gone by and she had made peace with her past. No point picking at old wounds .As she exited the mall, she mused, yes; sometimes time is the longest distance between two places.





This was written for ,Write on Edge,Writing Prompt: 2014, Week 7.We were required to use the quote,”“Time is the longest distance between two places.”~Tennessee Williams, The Glass Menagerie as an opening/closing line, draw inspiration from a single word within it, or choose the given photo prompt instead.Word limit 500.I chose the quote and word count,including the title is 499. If you would like to read what others have submitted for this challenge or would love to participate,please click on the link


10 thoughts on “Scent of yesterday

  1. Cool story! I don’t know if I’m too curious for my own good, or just a glutton for punishment, but I don’t know if I could’ve resisted going back to find out some answers, or to just give him a piece of my mind for leaving me 🙂

    • Thank you dear Janna and not to worry,I would have too,,he!he!!Am too curious for my own good-one of my bfs used to say that I ask too many questions for my own good,lol!Am just finishing re- reading the last of speakeasy and then will vote :-)Some great entries this week:-)

  2. I didn’t expect the ending. Like both you and Jannat, I don’t think I could have left this alone, but I must admire your character for doing so. In my life, I haven’t found going back into the past I shared with someone very helpful, even if I couldn’t resist.

    Now, as far the writing. I found this an easy read and it kept my curiosity throughout the story:~) Well done and thank you for sharing this:~)

    • Thank you for sharing your personal views on this Sara and glad to find a soul sister in you 🙂
      Thank you so much for the read and for the lovely feedback-I have still not done the rounds but will come by early tomorrow to read and comment-its almost 1.40 a.m here-so will have to say GN in a few mins:-)

  3. Atreyee, my dearest-this is beautiful and sad and I LOVED it!! I admire Trisha. While I’d also be curious about why Felix didn’t show up, I’m hoping my pride would win out and I would move on. And speaking of moving on-I’ll miss you around Trifecta, but I want to stay in touch, ok? xoxoxo

  4. I would have to have answers too, I think. I dont know. I’ve had “many fiances” and only 2 marriages, and I don’t chase them down. It was believable but I also think there’s room for a lot more story here. You did a great job adding in enough backstory to make everything come together. I enjoyed the read.

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