Unwrapping the memories

Unwrapping the memories


Languid days tied with a satin ribbon

I open the window to my soul

dust the cobwebs off

unlocking fragile memories,

forgotten fragrances

Of you…

Wrapped in scented tissue

pink as the first blush of love

here lies my memory

of the day when I saw you first

Wrapped in multi-coloured scarf

are the rainbow dreams I dared to dream

When I pursued you relentlessly

Knowing I had no chance

to be the crème de la creme

Here is the green kerchief soaked in

Tears of jealousy

containing  my envy

when I saw you with other girls

all sows, I thought, around my pearl

This white envelope

dotted with drops of red

my bleeding heart’s tears

when i did not see you for years

And  wrapped in cellophane

here is the scrapbook

where I squirreled away

nuggets of information,

About you.

Bubble wrapped carefully,

these are my  galloping heartbeats

when I saw you next

Tied with a silver ribbon

what are these?

of course, treasured memory

Of our friendship

Passion I wrapped in this satin box

the hugs and kisses

you had showered non-stop

Oh,and this golden packet

most priceless of all

I wrapped all your love

lest  I forgo it all

This crimson bottle holds

my red hot rage,when

 of your lies, I took umbrage

At the bottom of this all

 lies  a big black pack

in it are stacked the bleached bones of

Our love

This latest pack

wrapped in all white

marks  our mutual exoneration

Am keeping the diamond wrapped vase

enclosing our love,

on display

‘cos my heart is sure

faith will never lead us astray.




The above poem was written for dVerse Poets Pub OpenLinkNight ~ Week 133.


40 thoughts on “Unwrapping the memories

  1. This is the first time I am reading your blog – thanks to OLN. I must say I like the theme of your blog – it’s neat and beautiful.

    About your poetry – I loved to wave through the emotions and imagery all along. It’s a very pleasant and warm feeling.

  2. we have kept a box of ‘us’…memories along the way…something that touched us in our journey…its cool to go back and look through it…you made me think of it…those tangible memories are so strong…

    • Oh,you have?That’s so beautiful and romantic Brian-I had thought of doing when my daughter was born but never did! Am so glad that my piece reminded you of that box :-)Thank you so much for coming by to read and for the lovely comment,

    • Thank you for reading Claudia and yes I agree,memories are not always beautiful and they do hurt-so maybe it is better if one does not keep them wrapped so carefully 😉

  3. I know you are drawn to fiction, but I do like this exploration into poetry. Poetry is another form of story telling, as you can still weave a story, but can do so in fewer, more meaningful words.

    • I love poetry and have a good hold over that in my national language Hindi(I have been writing in Hindi-Urdu mix since I was 13-though in between I did not write at all for almost 16 years) but waxing poetic in English is a tad difficult -I do not know the rules or the devices used or the forms-I feel very unprepared and not up to the task(sheepish grin) but am trying my hand.Surprisingly I found myself at ease writing a Tan Renga or a haiku-have taken a break for this month but will return to it next month.Meanwhile as Bjorn suggested ,will take a look again at Dverse on Sat/Sun 🙂

      • Ah,that’s because I am in India and we have so many regional languages and most of us know at least two languages-no credit really 😛 And don’t say that-you are excellent at English!

      • I think it’s great you know more than one language. I took two years of Spanish in college, and live in an area of the country where that language is prevalent, but I’m afraid all I remember are the “naughty” words that could get me slapped (or worse!) Guess I’m sticking to English 🙂

      • Ha!ha!You can add those naughty words in one of your stories 😉 Sam took french for four years as a third language in school but sadly she hasn’t been able to pursue it-she was good at it too.I had Sanskrit as a third language for 3 years in school,but never understood its mathematical premise-only remember and understand a few words-unfortunately,none of them naughty,ha!ha!

      • Oh dear, I could never add them to story (I don’t know how to spell them correctly!) Seriously, though… I didn’t learn those words in school. I learned them in life- the restaurants I worked in had a good number of Spanish-speaking kitchen staff.

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