What’s in the belfry?


Our brilliant and lovely hostess Rochelle Wisoff-Fields, at FF, has  challenged us to spin a 100 word tale  based on this photo prompt,provided by David Stewart,this week.Want to read what around 100 writers from around the world are writing in response to this challenge?Or,would you like to participate?Click  on this link http://rochellewisofffields.wordpress.com/2014/02/19/21-february-2014/


Copyright - David Stewart

                                                   Copyright – David Stewart

 So before it gets too late,I decided to post my 100 words(excluding the title)


What’s in the belfry?


 Weird rumours had been floating in the neighbourhood.

Mr. Coots swore he had seen ghosts.

Stella insisted her cat was possessed and even little Tamara piped in about some strange smell.

When Mr.Stanley found a few drops of blood on the church floor this morning, Mrs. Gregory went crazy, ranting about vampire Bats roosting in the belfry!!

So Paul, the caretaker had to climb up to check,

A dark shape shifted in the belfry as Paul stretched his hand…

The bell started clanging.

People ran in and stopped, horrified to see Paul’s bloodless body hanging from the swinging bell.




86 thoughts on “What’s in the belfry?

    • Ha!ha!That’s a funny thought Janet but you are right-the modern human is a voyeur 😛
      Oops!I missed that one-thanksI guess the result of -too much focus on paring it to 100 and not enough on the syntax(?) 😀

    • Hee!hee!Thanks Janna-am glad my lil tale had this effect on you 😉

      Did you write for the write on edge challenge-1000 words?Don’t remember-will have to start writing-have been postponing it but now only a few hours left to the deadline-so am off to write as soon as I finish voting

      • No, I’ve never written for that one, but I’ve seen a few who have. I’ve been thinking about trying that one or Friday Fictioneers. Maybe when life isn’t so nuts. (We’re prepping for putting in a fence and fixing drainage washes in our yard, so I may be outside more than in front of my computer in the coming weeks 🙂 )

      • Both have its pros and cons-FF is only 100 words and a has a great community-no contest -so its all stress free-lots of time to think & write or read or vote-on the other hand WOE has fewer members-don’t think many bother to read but if you win,you may get your work published in their annual anthology.This contest am talking about is like that-if your piece gets selected,they have tied up with some publishing co or somethg-so u get pubd :-)I think you should take a look-it is going to be easy for you:-)

      • Oops sorry-had gone to bed last nite and as I just mentioned in another comment to you,was feeling exhausted,so slept the whole day-came online now but glad you located it on your own:-)

    • So glad-told you ,.it will be a cakewalk for you and here I am stuck after the first para-realized there was a flaw and was feeling so tired the whole day that just slept-now will have to brainstorm again after dinner-in an hour and if I can come up with somethg,well & good,or else,will let it go.Looking forward to your piece-send some mojo my way too ,lol!

  1. Oh, I loved this one. Didn’t expect the ending, but I do like a scary dark story, as you probably know. You kept me going through this entire piece. I loved how you brought the beliefs of different characters about what was in the belfry. My favorite was Stella thinking her cat was possessed:~) I often think this about my cat when she does strange things, like bat something unseen in the air.

    100 words is a difficult challenge and with this post, you definitely were up to it:~)

  2. Oh, my! I guess it’s never good to offer to check things out. Volunteering to do so usually means…the first one is usually the sacrificial lamb, so to speak. Good one…

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