Mr Fox and Ms Crane                                                           


Mr Fox and Ms Crane


Sara the crane, stood watching, anxious 

as Ryan her son, was teased in the schoolyard

she wrung her wings, tension brewing

Just then Brer fox, her husband, came and stood next to her

pulling her close, he said,”Honey, no worries

he is our son; no way will he be beaten.”

Sara looked at him and smiled for

Sure enough Ryan did not weaken,

but walked away

leaving the bullies defeated.

Brer said, “Yes, he has taken after you,

 Knows how to give as good as he gets.”


Strolling back, they saw Diane, the lissome vixen

followed by a horde of admirers

And Mommy Sara winked and said,

”She sure is her Papa’s daughter,

there’s no escaping her allure.”


Walking home, he reminisced

“Remember our first date?”

“Yes!”She laughed, “You invited me to dinner

And served goulash on a dish

And I went home mad with hunger

drooling on the pillow

dreaming of skewered fish!”


He chuckled and responded

“Not one to be left behind,

you decided to pay me back in the same coin

Invited me to lunch on a hot afternoon

And, served my favourite sherbet in a pitcher

almost killing me of thirst, that eventful day

per chance you wanted to send me home

lying on a stretcher?”


“But then” she grinned, “McDonald’s came to town

Brer’s eyes shone and he added,

”And when Starbucks opened shop,

it was the jewel in the crown.”

“Our dates were non- stop

and we fell in love!”Sara sighed.


“Am glad we were both smart

Not to let our shortcomings keep us apart

Found a way to reach each other’s heart

And that’s how our life got a head start”,

Brer concluded, beaming with pride.



MORAL- Sometimes tit for tat may lead to this and that (and more) 😉




The above poem was written for’s challenge,Let’s be fabulists today is being hosted by .The rules he has set for this challenge are-


    • take an existing fable and create a poem out of it, maybe moving the anthropomorphism back to real humans.
    • or, tell your own fable in the form of your preference. I think a world of foxes, lions and scorpions still exists, and can be used to create a poem.
    • or simply rewrite you fable of choice in poetic words, many of the fables were actually poems to start with so you are in great company with the original fabulist.
    • And if you use a fable and not just the characters, please include a reference to that fable. I would love to learn how your world of fables look like.

For more details,or to read what other participants have posted or to participate,please visit the site




20 thoughts on “Mr Fox and Ms Crane

    • Lol,yes,am sure they did !Am so happy that you liked what I wrote,Bjorn-I was despairing that time would run out without me getting started even 😛

      Thank you so much for this fun challenge and for reading and commenting-I appreciate your love and support more than I can say 🙂

  1. There is an inherent sweetness in this fab fable, yet it tackles very real issues, & meets all the prompt requirements; & what fun to extend the dating to Mickey D’s & Seattle Starbucks.

      • I don’t know how you keep the challenges straight! The only thing I’ve done for WOE was the ‘it takes two’ challenge. I’m at the end of my day (brain drain) but am not placing what SE is at the moment. So far, all I’ve done this week is Speakeasy.

      • That’s cos I don’t write/blog otherwise Janna-not a real writer you know,without a prompt,I am lost,lol!Also I have subscribed to the sites-so I get a notification by mail-yes,u r right SE is speakeasy:-)WOE has their week 8 challenge up and my brain-even tho it is only middle of the day for me-is totally numb,ha!ha!You have a good night and sleep well-will talk to you again later in the night(my time),love you xx

    • Oh Diane,that is such a beautiful compliment-am all smiles-thank you so much:-)Ha!ha!And yes,this was very much a fiction tho one of my friends did say that I remind her of Mrs.Crane 😉

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