Sleep Baby,sleep

Friday Fictioneers

Aha,this time it really is Friday-at least for me.Over at FF,our  immensely talented host,the wonderful Rochelle Wisoff-Fields posted the photo prompt some 3 days back,setting the bar high with her amazing story.As I write this,already 81 writers have spun their magic using the photo prompt,provided by one of my favourite writers on FF,the admirable Sandra Crook.Thank you Sandra .:-)

I am late for two reasons-one I was rushing to get too many things done and second,c’cos this prompt had me stumped.However,after untangling my scrambled neurons and soothing my jangled nerves,I came up with my 100 words which follows just after the photo.

In case you are interested in participating or reading what other fantastic story tellers from around the world have come up with in just 100 words,do click on this link and pop over there to check it out


Copyright -Sandra Crook

                                             Copyright -Sandra Crook



Sleep Baby, sleep


Maude drove the tractor –trailer out of the farm at an easy pace.

Ricky’s trench coat and boots sat well on her.

She pulled the cap a little lower and adjusted her sunglasses.

Not that anyone was around at this time.

Soon the town was behind her.

Ricky sure had been surprised to see her.

He thought she was dead.

Maude touched the scars on her face.

All through their marriage, Ricky’s constant complaint was,”I am going to pieces woman, let me sleep.”

Maude turned her head.

Between bales of hay, lay Ricky, finally sleeping.

In pieces…






85 thoughts on “Sleep Baby,sleep

    • No,she was not dead but she had killed him-cut him into pieces-she escaped-he had tried to possibly burn her or something;-)Thanks for reading and now I like the twist you added-maybe she should have been dead-ghastly,lol

      • No Georgia(I hope I got your name correctly-am becoming so forgetful-I hope it is not Georgina?),I liked what your mind saw-sometimes we may read things into a piece which the writer fails to see and that adds an interesting dimension-I love it and thank you so much:-)Yes,that he was-so he was wiped off ,lol!

      • name is Georgia…though for W.P. I’m Bastet but never Georgina. I’ve seen over a period of time people read one of my poems or shorts and yes, they see what I never thought to write…which is cool, so I can understand your point of view. In any case, your story grabbed me! 😉

      • Ah,what a relief that I did not goof up over your name at least-thanks Georgia-it is always a pleasure to read good writing and so happy that you liked my story 🙂

    • Ha!ha!Thank you Claudia-so sweet of you to come by to read and leave such a cute comment :-)Unfortunately,my mind is still a blank re the dverse challenge 😦

  1. Perhaps others also think Maude is dead–wouldn’t that be handy now that she’s misled people into thinking that Ricky’s alive and driving the tractor. A thinking woman, that Maude.

  2. Ew, that’s gruesome! What’s more disturbing than the ending is the fact that I laughed at! It was like the punchline to a good a joke. May he rest in pieces, um, I mean, PEACE 🙂

    • Ha!ha!Janna,you just made my day-thks a ton.I had hoped that ppl will see that-me & Sam were also laughing too-we def have a dark sense of humour ;-)Btw,do chk out Sam’s story-she really “crushed” me with her’s – ;-)Why don’;t you join in the fray -100 words is not much and FF gives a long time to think,write and read-that’s what I love about it the most and yes the community is very supportive too:-)

  3. Having toured the vast outback of my country -Australia- and hearing the tales of how many ho missing there I have often wondered what screts are hidden there…like in your story 🙂

    • Oh wow!You studied Criminal law-am envious Freya!Now am pleased, for it means,am not that far away from the truth,eh?As they say truth is stranger(or more gruesome) than fiction ;-)Thanks a ton for reading & for the feedback 🙂

  4. Oooh, that’s wicked, and wickedly humorous too. I like that she drives out at an easy pace, setting us up for a nice little tale… 😉

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