Let sleeping legends lie

the speakeasy at yeah write #152 



Let sleeping legends lie


“I think we should turn back.”

“Amy, stop whining!”

“But Martin, I am tired!”

“Amy is right, and besides I think we are lost.”

“Ha! Trust you to whine and Diana, we are not lost.”

Spreading the map on a nearby rock and pointing to an X marked in red Martin said, “We are right here.”

 “Just tell me, how many hours more till we reach that darned cave?”

“Four? Okay, at the most five.”

The girls groaned.

Thick foliage made it kind of dark even in the daytime and the forest floor carpeted with pine needles and dried leaves made walking  difficult.

After an hour Amy said,”Can we take a break? My legs are killing me.”

“Ah, look what these jungle insects have done to mine!”

“Told you to wear chinos, but you were intent on fashion. Now suffer!”

“You brat! It will serve you right if there is no treasure.”

“So what, even if there is none? National Geographic or Flickr will be happy with the great photographs Martin is capturing.”

“Amy, what about your camcorder? Are you recording everything?

“Yes I am but I still think we should return now-I have a bad feeling about this.”

“Stop it Amy. Never knew you to be superstitious.”

“But, that guide..?”

“Ha! Ha! That Petra-what an entertainer! He and his cock and bull stories!”

“But what if they are true?”

“What if they are true…” mimicked Peter. “Are you daft or what Diana! A folklore that is 400 years old? Gimme a break!”

“It would be so easy to give up now but think of how much fun we will have even if it is true.”


 “Yes, we will be famous .Imagine our faces on all the news channel. Young explorers reveal age old secret…”

“Shut up you two!”Diana glared

“Have you noticed suddenly how quiet it is?”Amy shivered.

“That’s because my portable radio’s batteries just conked off. But I have a set of spares, let me change them.”

A few minutes later, the forest air resonated with retro numbers and the mood lifted.

“Okay, rest for half an hour, then we stop only when we reach the cave.”


In the cave, she stirred in sleep disturbed by forgotten images. Her grey blue scales glistened with moisture and her forked tail lay inert-for the time being. A little to her left stood two huge eggs, one green and the other blue. Two more eggs –one red, and another grey blue stood immobile. There was no sound except a faint rustling of her wide ink tipped wings. Suddenly the green egg started to vibrate and slowly cracked open. A while later the blue egg followed suit. She opened her gold flecked red eyes and instinctively moved towards the noise. Soon, a low keening filled the cave and four new lives crawled towards their mother. She gathered them close and waited. Her sharp ears had caught a long forgotten sound and she knew the images were coming to life-again. She remembered that it was in a battle with such beings that her mate had lost his life. It was time they learnt their lesson.


“Here we are!”

“Finally! Phew!”

“Okay, let’s go in.”

“Ugh, what a horrid stench!”

“Its pitch dark in here.”

“Where are the torches? Shine the light in here.”

“Hello what’s this?”

“What? Where?”

“Over here.”

“Oh my, so cute! What is it?”

“Look at its tiny wings-it has a snout and a tail too!”

“Hello, there are three more-in different colours too!”

“Mini dragons, ha-ha!”

“Don’t laugh stupid and turn off your radio-can’t hear anything.”

“Amy, where is your camcorder? Record it pronto!”

“Martin, get all the angles! Imagine the sensation when this footage is released!”

“Better than Jurassic park, man! We are going to be bloody rich and famous!”

“No Diana! Don’t touch-they may bite.”

“Guys, have you thought that these little things may have a mom?

“OMG! What if she …It’s getting hot in here or what?”

“What is that swishing noise?

“I knew it! The legend is true!”

“Run for your lives! It is the mother Dragon!”


But it was too late. Only the portable radio lay there,the Bee Gees belting out ”Staying alive”,with gusto.


She may have been hibernating for half a century but her memory and senses were sharp. Agility and cunning made her formidable and soon she and her kids were having their first meal. 





This was written for speakeasy #152 at yeahwrite. The challenge was (a)to write a piece of fiction or poetry,750 words or less(mine is 740 including the title)(b)to use the sentence ,”“It would be so easy.”,anywhere in the piece and (c)to make some kind of reference to the media prompt, which this week is a video for ‘Staying Alive’ by the Bee Gees.In case,this challenge interests you or you would like to read what others have written,click on this link http://www.yeahwrite.me/speakeasy/152-open/



42 thoughts on “Let sleeping legends lie

    • Thank you Georgia,that’s a wonderfully encouraging compliment for me-I haven’t ventured into the realm of fantasy much,your comment made me very happy:-)

  1. How whimsical! You are so creative! I love the characters in this story, and even though their dialogue is brief, you get a good feel of who they really are. Mama dragon is my favorite, obviously. Nicely done!

  2. Baby dragons!!
    I had this wish right after reading ‘Eragon’, for the first time, to search the world for a baby dragon…Your story rekindled the wish in me again 😀
    Loved your story! 😀

  3. Awesome! You’d think people would learn to always listen to the local legends. Does no one watch movies? 🙂 I’m sure I should be more sympathetic, but I love that they made the babies’ first meal.

    • Lol,yes,so true ;-)Thanks for making me laugh with your fun comment TSP-your pieces are always such pleasure to read-u got my vote this week too 😉

  4. I like how you did the POV switch from the people to the dragon. It revealed what they were looking for, and the first clue for me that it wasn’t going to be pretty when they found it. I had to laugh at the comment about whether anyone thought that the dragons had a mother – oh, they should’ve thought of that sooner… mamas are so protective of their young.

    At least they had a nice meal 🙂 Shame the people will never find the fame they searched for, though!

    • Ha!ha!Thanks Janna-I love how you always manage to see the “crux” of my stories-better than even me:-)Yes,poor boys-they were dreaming of the royalty they would earn through the dragon toys tees and games-ha for those daydreams-came to naught-no fame too,lol! Sorry for the delay in responding-am just catching up with the responses-been very busy as my bro and his family have arrived:-)I was worried that I won’t be able to read all the entries and vote but I managed-tomorrow I will try to get to WOE and later in the night post my FF entry-it is so dismal this week-my piece I mean-argh!

    • Your comment put a smile on my face Suzanne:-)No,I can understand rooting for the one who is true to his/her nature is right-dragon or not-I would too ;-)Thanks for the thumbs up-I was so afraid I won’t be able to read or comment this week as my brother is visiting with his family-for the next 7 days but somehow I managed and am so glad-now trying to catch up on responses and then off to bed-have to be up in another 4 hours,lol!

  5. Glad to see a find a familiar face here!
    I liked how the dialogue gave a good definition of the characters and, then, how you broke it up with the descriptive paragraph. You made the dragons quite alluring.

    • Thank you my friend-I was so delighted to see you too:-)Thank you so much for coming by to read and I love your remark re the dragons being alluring 😉

  6. WOW, this was amazing!! At first I thought they would discover mermaids…then dragons. I love the way your mind works. This was such an amazing story…and believable with the discoverers getting killed. She had to keep her babies safe and the legend alive. Great dialogue and loved the pace of your story…it kept me right there till the end. ♥

  7. Yikers! Always watch out for the mother. I love the dialog between the kids. Very believable. I love stories with dragons and love the descriptions of this one and her babies. Good use of the Stayin alive prompt in the end. 🙂

  8. Whoops.Looks like the girls were right- they really should have turned back while there was still time! Super cool dragon mommy though, and of course I loved the idea of the four tiny baby dragons 😀

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