The homecoming

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The homecoming


Sitting on the porch with a cup of his favourite chamomile tea, Henry welcomed the Sun. Mornings gave him hope. His eyes scanned the road but nothing moved except the trees at the far end –her sentinels, Mabel had said. Henry smiled and went inside. It was time to go to work.

His day at the farm passed in a flurry of activity as it was harvest season-the busiest of all times and he was happy to note that this year the yield had been almost double the last. At this rate he would soon be able to buy that piece of land he had been eyeing for the last 3 years. He wondered if Mabel would have approved and sighed .He still missed her.

Driving home, he stopped at the local Deli to pick up some groceries. Living alone had its disadvantages but he never forgot to stock up .He did not intend to compromise his health and it showed. His face was smooth and his body rugged and muscular, belying the forty years that he had crossed. His boyish charm and easy manner made him look a decade younger.

After supper, Henry picked up the book he had been reading. It was by a new author, someone named M.Aniston and he was enjoying it. An hour later he was thinking of calling it a night when a sentence caught his eye and he jerked into total wakefulness. The hero, John, was beseeching the heroine, Shyla to reconsider her decision to leave town and him, but she was adamant. She wanted to chase her dreams. So John says,” You could’ve made a safer bet, but what you break is what you get.”

Henry couldn’t believe his eyes! How could that be? Those were the very words that he had said to Mabel when she had left him to pursue her career in the big city ten years back. She did not want to be a farm girl she had said. But wait, M could be her initial and wasn’t Aniston an anagram for Santino? Well, before he jumped to any conclusion, he wanted to check the ending of the novel. And there it was, on the last page. He read aloud,”Shyla ran sobbing into John’s arms, saying,” You wake up in the bed you make. I think you made a big mistake by allowing me to leave. John Cabot, You own me. There’s nothing you can do. You own me.”

Henry was almost beside himself with excitement and joy. He logged on to the net and googled the details of the Publishing Company. It was a two hour journey to the city. He also googled M.Aniston and was not surprised to see an old snap of his Mabel .He could hardly wait for morning to arrive.

He would never spend any more restless nights with only the blanket of his memories for company. It was time for the sentinels to welcome their mistress home, forever.




This was written for  Writing Prompt: Week 10 at Write on Edge.The challenge was(1) to write 500 words or less of fiction of any genre based either on the photo prompt given above or(2) use the quote,

You could’ve made a safer bet, but what you break is what you get.
You wake up in the bed you make. I think you made a big mistake.

You own me. There’s nothing you can do. You own me.

~Mark Berninger of The National, Lucky You

(3)or use both .

I decided to use both  the quote and the photo prompt and the word count including the title is 498.If you are interested in joining  or reading the entries,please click on this url



18 thoughts on “The homecoming

  1. Great story! Even though I do like a good murder (in writing, not in real life) I am also a sucker for a romantic story of true love. After so much time had passed, he easily could’ve been bitter and turned his back on her, but instead, chooses to go to her. Now, THAT’S love 🙂

    • Ha!ha!Your comment reminded me of Sam’s reaction when I read the story to her-she said-“oh,this is nice and sweet,I was dreading that he will go and murder her or she will murder him when he refuses to take no for an answer’ ;-)Thanks a ton for reading as always and the warm comment-yes ,I am a sucker for romance and happy endings too but am not that good at writing them,lol!

  2. a happy hopeful ending, a woman waiting on the other side, WITH her dreams…now that’s my kind of story.
    I’m with Cam…go get her!

    • So glad to see you Kir and thanks a ton for coming by to read-glad it struck a happy note :-)Am way behind in reading and responding as my brother is visiting with family but tomorrow I am hoping for a small window of time to enable me to come by and read all the other entries and vote too:-)Off to bed now-2-40a.m now 😀

    • Aww Val!You make me blush with your awesome compliment-thank you so,so much :-)Am so behind this week-my brother is visiting with family and will be here till 20th- am so rushed-hopefully I will be able to catch up on my reading and voting tromorrow morning when they go out on some important work

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