Do not disturb

Friday Fictioneers

Friday has come and gone (in my part of the world at least) and I have not yet made my entry on FF,where every week our fantastic host Rochelle Wisoff-Fields  reels in over 100 writers from all over the globe to spin their magic with the photo prompt provided,in around 100 words.For more details,please click on this –

This week I was afraid I may miss entering as my brother and his family are visiting.With tons of fun,cooking ,cleaning and outings,hardly any time left to  catch the escaped muse,which seizing it’s chance has gone on a vacation.But as all FF writers will admit,we loathe to miss getting our weekly fix ,so here is my 100 word tale(sorry if it is insipid) following this week’s photo prompt,provided by none other than the very talented and versatile Adam Ickes-thank you Adam:-)I also hope that my friends and readers will understand if I am late this week in catching up with the reading and responding.


copyright – Adam Ickes


Do not disturb


This is beautiful!

Knew you would like it buttercup.

What a view!

Wait till night falls-it is spectacular.

Why is it so deserted?

The locals say the bridge is cursed.


People disappear.

Great! Now kiss me and let us disappear too.

Good idea, come closer.



What happened?

Something bit my leg.

Let me see…

Jon, I am scared.

Something is not right.

What’s that slithering noise?

Let’s not wait. Run!

Unseen, the inky black creatures emerged from under the bridge and sinking their sharp teeth into the fleeing ankles, dragged them into the water.




68 thoughts on “Do not disturb

    • Am glad you noted that-yes,those critters are evil ;-)Thanks Ron for the lovely comment and wishes-yes,enjoying a lot-they will be leaving day after tomorrow-then back to routine-today I am a bit free-so playing catch up:-)

    • Thank you dear friend both for the comment and for the wishes-yes am enjoying-they will be here till Tuesday-so almost end of fun time-good times fly away too soon,no? 🙂

    • He!he!You got me there-I do-if I write something without that factor,all my regular readers,including my daughter ,feel a little let down and once a dear friend even asked me if I was losing my touch ,lol!Thank you for coming by to read and comment:-)

  1. Wow, this is a fantastic idea! I love the idea of people disappearing once they cross the bridge. So much could be done with that one. Really cool. Nice job on this, Atreyee. I’m glad you were able to sneak in FF for this week. This is a goodie!

    • Aww Amy,you are so kind-your comment made me grin for as I said in the intro,I was not very happy with this one but this week,it had to do-luckily I am able to catch up today as my brother had some social commitment -so they will be back only at lunch-so using my free time “judiciously”,lol!Thanks a ton for your warm compliments-you made my day 😀

      • Really, this is a great one! If you’re inspired, I think your idea has a lot of promise and you should extend it. It’s so good, I want it! Enjoy your free time. You’re most welcome, Atreyee! It’s my pleasure.

      • Thank you Amy-you are very kind:-)At the moment,I struggle to meet all my challenge deadlines but maybe someday I will try to extend all these little “nuggets” into a longer story 😀

    • Ha!ha!Had he not been pulled down too,I would have gone with that one for sure ;-)Thank you so much for coming by and for your comment which made me laugh and smile,Adelie 😀

    • Now,that would have terrified me too much even to run Kz 😉 Thanks for stopping by-how is your book coming?Have been so busy that had no time to check but am sure it will sell like hotcakes 😀

  2. Trust you to turn a nice little romantic walk into a tale of horror and woe. 😉
    Hope you had a good time with your family and didn’t have to do too much cooking, cleaning etc. 🙂

    • Ha!ha!Sarah,you always make me laugh-thank you my friend.Yes,it was nice but you guessed right-too much work for lazy,unused to me,lol!Slept for along time and still feeling a lil groggy 😛

    • Janna,you always make me laugh with your cute comments-can’t tell you how I look forward to seeing your feedback:D Yes,it was good though very tiring-will write to you tonight-am off to make some snacks for hubby dear-then will post my entries to FF,WOE and SE-can’t wait to read your entries too 🙂

  3. That bridge is causing all sorts of problems for us FF folks! People are jumping off, being dragged off, proposing marriage on it, encountering aliens at the end of it. Well done. Great story, clearly written. I’d like to read more about thos inky creatures. My cat bites my ankles when I try to leave the house, so it might be her, though she’s not as black as your creatures. As a bit of concrit, I might edit this to contract ‘it is’ to ‘it’s’ and ‘let us’ to ‘let’s’ 🙂

    • ROFL Ann-you are so right-the bridge def is a trouble maker:-)Your cat,.on the other hand,seems quite a handful ;-)Thanks for the concrit-will edit it as soon as I have some free time later this week-highly appreciated:-)

      • My cat opens doors. And once, when we were living in Paris, she locked my husband and I out of our apartment by flicking the security bar into place with her paw after we left. It took us an hour to get back in and if we hadn’t succeeded, it would have cost a couple of hundred Euros to get an emergency locksmith on the job! She won’t use her catflap though and we keep it permanently locked. One night, after visiting friends, we returned to find her outside, having managed to undo the lock on the flap! I think she was a burglar in a previous life. Don’t reply to this. I talk too much. Ann

      • Ha!ha!Sorry to be responding inspite of your warning Ann-reminds me of stories I have heard from my hubby-my mom-in-law was a cat and dog person and had 19 cats and 8 dogs-all stray-putting up with her,lol!And,yes,i am garrulous too 😛

      • I am not a cat & dog(or animal person) but my daughter is-so I do not understand this love ,lol!Even my Mom was a cat person-though she even liked mice &snakes-yikes!

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