No reprieve

Image courtesy of Unsplash.

Image courtesy of Unsplash.

No  reprieve

He looked at the small pile of stones and pebbles covering the little grave near the water. The wooden stake bore no epitaph but he knew his sweet Lily lay there. Their love was one of a kind and these insensitive fools had, interfered stopping their love from reaching its desirable culmination. But, he was going to outwit them-his Lily would be proud of him.

He hid behind the boulders and saw them leave after burying her.

 He raged and fumed. Did they think they could separate her from him? Since when had death been a deterrent? Rather, death had always been his partner in crime.

He had to wait till night fell. He needed the cloak of invisibility for his shenanigans. Not that waiting bothered him. He lit a cigarette and pulling his overcoat around him, lay back on a boulder.

The wind was rising with the incoming tide. The ocean was busy gathering her wayward waves, intent on teaching them a lesson in self-control but the restless waves playfully escaped her clutches, dashing against the rocks with gleeful abandon.

His stomach growled and his mind hungered. He was ravenous in more ways than one but satiation was not easy. He had to be careful. He dug his hands into the deep pockets of his overcoat and his fingers touched it. He shivered with pleasure.

A few hours passed .He crept towards a hollow in the rocks and took out the crowbar he had hidden there earlier. He moved towards the grave stealthily and set to work. The more he dug, the more his hunger grew. He was used to hard labour-the decade in prison had taught him that. It took him an hour to uncover the mound and soon he picked up 9 year old Lily’s body and placed it on the ground. Oh, how beautiful she looked.

His hands closed over the cold sharp steel nestling in his pocket and he fingered it lovingly. Gazing upon Lily’s face, he murmured, “How pale your lips look, my love-let me add some colour.” With that, he slashed at her wrists. Drops of blood oozed out and he licked at them and then bit down hard on Lily’s lips.

 He loved the ashen face, the unmoving body and the pale limbs. He remembered the softness of young flesh, the pleasure it gave him to plunge into such unresponsive young bodies and he felt his arousal raise its head. Images of slashed and mutilated bodies arose in his mind and he lost control.

He tore at the dead child’s clothes and then ravaged the dead body viciously, all the while stabbing the body and whispering terms of endearment interspersed with dirty talk.

The moon grew pale watching this and the ocean receded as far as possible, unable to bear witness to such depravity. Only the petrified stones, smeared with the blood and gore of the innocent, bore a silent testimony to the inhuman acts of a so called human....




The above story was written for Write on Edge,writing prompt,2014,week 11. The challenge was to write a piece of fiction or poetry in 500 words or less(mine is 500 words,including the title)based on either the photo above (I decided to pick the photo)or use the quote by Robert Frost ,”I would have written of me on my stone: I had a lover’s quarrel with the world,” or use both.For more details or to participate please click  on this



16 thoughts on “No reprieve

  1. You’ve told this story too well! I’m left with unsettling questions such as whether or not I think the world is better off with his predilection for the dead, rather than the living. Great pacing and emotion.

  2. I want to click the “like” button, but I would dread that you thought I meant it for the wrong reason! I agree with The Good News, this one was too well written.

    • I so understand what you are saying Troy-it is akin to what I feel when I see terrible or horrific posts on FB being “liked” 😛 Thank you for the high praise and my apologies for the late response-am not well and am so behind -as soon as I finish responding to the long list of comments I will go read the entries on WOE-then at night,if I am up to it will read a bit of FF and a bit of Trifecta .Tc and have a great day/night 🙂

  3. Oh man, this guy is super-creepy. The world is full of every flavor of strange, so i have no doubt someone out there is like this. That frightens me even more. Now, I’m going to make sure my doors are locked and go to bed 🙂

    • I so agree-most of the ideas and stories come from real life-sad but true but thankfully it is only a minuscule percentage of the population who have such barbaric,inhuman and dark tendencies.Somehow I feel that the baser human nature is becoming more prominent as we become more “civilized”-maybe the urge to dominate and acquire at any cost whatever we lust after is taking over?Thanks for the great feedback Janna-was wondering how this will be accepted-never ventured this side of the dark-it felt awful even writing it.

  4. Necrophiliac! How creepy such people are, and as you rightly wrote, hardly human… This story gave me the chills, I wish someone would do away with this demon of a man before he commits further atrocities!

  5. The clarity and reality of the writing, and the placing of the reader inside the mind of this singular fellow makes the experience of reading it just the right kind of uncomfortable.

    • Wow-am glowing from this lovely comment of your’s Thomas:-) Thank you so much for the visit and the read-see you on the grid this week-haven’t had time to even think of an idea though ,lol!

  6. The building of suspension is done very well. The fact that it ends with something so shocking and grotesque…. I’m not sure how I feel about that. That may be the point though.

  7. We stop looking for demons under our beds once we know they are within us!
    This story brough this quote to my mind!

    I can’t bring myself to call this creature a human…Wish the almighty would sweep the world clean of such demons!
    Gave me chills this!

    P.S. I loved your description! 🙂

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