The sleuth

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Yay!Its Friday!No?What do you mean it is Wednesday?At FF,it is Friday and if you don’t believe it,you sure need to visit our amazing hostess Rochelle Wisoff Fields at her blog week,she inspires over 100 talented writers  from all over the globe to write a 100 word story based on a photo prompt.

This week the photo prompt has been provided by none other than,the Prima Donna ,Rochelle ,herself.Well,as you all can see,this is a tough photo and I had a hard time  orchestrating my lines.Thus,if it sounds off -key,kindly bear with my unskilled play.I promise to practice and do better next time(and do remember promises are meant to be broken,har!har!).My 100 word story follows just after the photo prompt below:-)

Copyright -Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

                                 Copyright -Rochelle Wisoff-Fields


The sleuth

‘I don’t like our neighbour. Looks like Jack the Ripper. ”


Beatrice loved crime serials and fancied herself to be Sherlock Holmes.

“Arthur, can you hear odd sounds from upstairs?”


“Something heavy is being dragged.”

“The bed?”


“Arthur, there is blood in the drain.”

“I don’t see any.”

“You blind? Am sure he has killed her.”

“ARTHUR! Come quick-he is escaping.”

“Go to bed.”

“But he had a sack…Am going to call the police.”

“Yes Madam, we found traces of human blood .An APB has been issued. Thank you for your call.”

Beatrice beamed.





49 thoughts on “The sleuth

    • Ha!ha!I guess she was just too overjoyed at really finding a murderer possibly,-being shocked was not in her nature 😛 Thank you so much for reading and for the comment-off to read your’s now:-)

  1. Beatrice is going to be insufferable now that she’s been proven right. 🙂 Hopefully the next person who moves in will be someone nice, who will get to hear the whole story! Wondering whether you mean “I’m” instead of “Am” here: “Am sure he has killed her.”


    • Oh,how true-I suspect the same about Beatrice ;-)Thanks for coming by to read and for the comment Janet:-)

      Yes,you are correct -I did mean I’m but as “am” is used colloquially in many places,I went with that ( though I know it is not grammatically correct,I do tend to use it 😛 )Will keep an eye out for that errant “am” -thank you for pointing it out 🙂

  2. Well-written characterization of a busybody. Sometimes it pays to pay attention to what’s going on around you. Writers are told to do just that. Maybe Beatrice has what it takes to be a successful crime or detective writer. She could start with that murder.

    • Thank you for your kind words Patricia:-)I like your POV-maybe that can be a sequel”Beatrice takes to writing”? ;-)I have not been keeping well,so the delay in responding-am yet to read the surely increasing number of submissions on FF-but will catch up asap:-)Tc

  3. Aha! We all need a super-sleuth as a neighbor, even one in training. But now she needs a Holmes, and I don’t think Arthur wants to do it. Great story Atreyee!

    • Lol Eric!So true ;-)Arthur is never going to hear the end of it though-maybe he will buy some earplugs? 😀 Thanks buddy for stopping by to read and for the cute comment:-)

  4. Your character is definitely a sleuth in the making, Atreyee! I’m with Siobhan in being a little unsettled by her lack of compassion for the murdered woman. Maybe the best detectives need to separate the emotional from the need to be completely objective.

    • Ha!ha!Thank you Karen for reading and for the comment-i agree-she is very dispassionate-possibly too taken up with her “detection” 😉 Yes,it is possible-just like surgeon needs to distance himself/herself from the procedure? 😀

  5. I like the way you made a humourous tale out from a gruesome tale. Beatrice beaming at being right about the murder is a great image!

      • I agree. Sometimes I leave endings that can be interpreted different ways, but even when I think I have given a story a definitive plot there is often a reader who spots something I didnt and sees the story differently. As you say, that is exciting!

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