Judas kiss

Trifecta: Week 114

Am sad to learn that Trifecta has decided to close shop and though it has been sometime(around 6/7 weeks) that I last entered a challenge here,I will still miss Trifecta.I had never written fiction before I found Trifecta,just a month after I started my blog at WP in Dec 2012 .I was excited and decided to jump on the bandwagon and what a ride it was! I wrote twice every week,for almost a year and though I never placed but I was thrilled as I realized I can write too.It was a lovely learning experience and it gave me the confidence to write for other sites.My biggest  plus was of course making some awesome friends and interacting with amazing fellow writers.I will forever remember Trifecta and the community fondly.I would have felt sadder,had I not joined Trifecta in this last month,with the hope that maybe they will return with a new format and new challenges/ideas for us.I wish them all the best-Lisa,Laura and Draug-the amazing hosts and talented editors on board,thank you so much for everything.Without any more rambling let me post the rules and my piece,before it closes.I have never submitted so late(and written so fast either),lol!

Word prompt for this week is-

SATISFY  (transitive verb)
1a : to carry out the terms of (as a contract) : discharge
  b : to meet a financial obligation to
2: to make reparation to (an injured party) : indemnify
3a : to make happy : please  

 b : to gratify to the full : appease
4a : convince
  b : to put an end to (doubt or uncertainty) : dispel
5a : to conform to (as specifications) : be adequate to (an end in view)

• Your response must be exactly 33 words. 
• You must use the 3rd definition of the given word in your post. 
• The word itself needs to be included in your response. 
• You may not use a variation of the word; it needs to be exactly as stated above. 
• Only one entry per writer. 
• If your post doesn’t meet our requirements, please leave your link in the comments section, not in the linkz. 
• Trifecta is open to everyone. Please join us. 

– See more at: http://www.trifectawritingchallenge.com/#sthash.wugDmdVg.dpuf


Judas kiss


Saccharine sweetness



quicksilver emotions

fail to



of my soul

Blade of indifference


Venom in my angst

 I wince,

watching you


immune to

my heart’s cicatrix-

still raw.




31 thoughts on “Judas kiss

  1. So much lushness! I love “blade of indifference lacerates” – nothing cuts more sharply than indifference, I think. Glad you were able to swing back through for the last challenge or two.

    • I agree-indifference is the worst-it has killed many a relation and taken others hostage-sigh!Yes,I am glad too and though it was almost 5a.m today when I finished and went to bed,it was worth entering -I am definitely going to do the last one Christine:-)Thank you so much for the lovely feedback-hope to see your entry on Trifecta too-will be visiting it tonight 🙂

  2. I am glad that you came back this one, last time. I have always considered you to be one of the regular, core group of writers, whose work I always made a point of reading whenever I took part in a challenge. I never realized how recently you had started writing. You are very talented and I thank you for sharing all of your great work over the past year and a bit. I hope you will return for the final challenge when we all get to showcase and share our own favourite Trifecta posts. I will be there for sure. Hope to see you, too. 🙂

    • Oh Tom,am so happy to see your beautiful comment 🙂 Your beautiful words uplifted my spirits and I thank you for your continuous support and love.May I say that I always looked forward to reading your pieces too-I always found your pieces and comments full of warmth and a sensitivity rarely seen in today’s fast world-definitely not in the virtual world!I truly feel blessed to have known you a little and read your lovely pieces.I wish you all the best and hope your kids at school continue to grow and prosper under your able guidance:) God bless you and yes I am glad that I came back and surely will be there for the finale,tc and see you then 🙂

  3. I agree with Christine…..that ‘blade of indifference lacerates’ is a poignant line. Indifference. Apathy. Definitely lacerates. And what a beautiful word ‘cicatrix’ is—I hadn’t heard that one before so thanks for choosing to use it here 🙂

    • Thank you CC-your writing has always managed to wow me-so coming from you I will,l take it as high praise:-) Yes,I read it only recently and found that I could use it here-glad that you liked it:-)

  4. This is one of my favorite poems of yours! (I had to go look up ‘cicatrix’ as it’s not a word I’ve heard before.) The entire thing – all 33 words- speaks clearly of the wounds of emotional betrayal.

    I’m so glad you decided to post for the last couple challenges. Your dedication to Trifecta over the last year was unwavering (seriously, I don’t know how you keep up with the all the challenges you dabble in!)

  5. I can honestly say I have never read “my heart’s cicatrix” until today. I am in love with this phrasing! And the title is simply outstanding in its alliteration. This whole piece sings (even as it stings)! Great, memorable work, Atreyee.

  6. I have been so glad to see you come into your own as a writer. I worried that you would feel that your work didn’t measure up, just like I did, but your confidence has only grown since your first post on Trifecta. I look forward to finding you on other writing forums!

    • Thank you so much Tina-your beautiful words made me tear up for I have felt and keep feeling this often that my writing does not measure up.I keep telling myself am improving but sometimes it is tough specially when there is a lack of recognition and one sees ordinary writing making waves-sigh!That is life I guess .-will keep an eye out for you too-thanks again and have a wonderful day and life ahead,love xx

  7. I think this is my favorite piece I’ve read from you. Truly lovely. Creative and really beautiful. Thanks for linking up, Atreyee. I know Trifecta wasn’t everything you’d wanted it to be, but you were everything we wanted our writers to be. And more. Your dedication to our space and community were exemplary–literally. Like, we’d tell people, leave comments like Atreyee does. 🙂 Thank you for all you’ve given to us.

    • Thank you for the kind words Trifecta-am glad you liked it.No,Trifecta was not at fault-if the community does not comment back or vote for my writing,it is not your fault but am learning to be selective too -still it is hurtful when you comment and ppl have no decency to read and leave a comment-“liking” is so easy-I can “like” without bothering to read,no?A s you are aware,my main reason for leaving Trifecta was that -never mind.its ok-each experience,even if it is snot what one hoped it would be teaches us something and I am taking with me all the good things I have learnt here while hoping to leave behind all the negativity. :-)Thank you once again for giving ,me this platform to hone my skills..Wishing you all the best ,always,love xx

    • Thank you Sarah:-) Have been so busy that had no time to catch up-was unwell before that-am trying to read as many FF entries today as possible-tomorrow is a busy day -again-maybe will get time to respond to all the piling responses.No idea if I will be able to enter any challenge this week-so brain dead-gah!Hope u r doing fine:-)

      • I am so behind with my reading as well. Trying to catch up but not getting very far – just too much good stuff to get through!

      • So true-am still reading and commenting-won’t be able to cover them all as it is past 3a.m here and I need to sleep-have to be up in less than 4 hours-yikes!Tc and see you soon,love xx

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