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This week,our fabulous hostess Rochelle Wisoff-Fields decided to give us a gift at FF by posting the photo prompt a day early 🙂 So we early birds caught the worm and are now sitting pretty on Tuesday,imagining it to be the weekend 😀  Those of you who are fellow addicts at FF  already know what I am talking about – for all others, here is the link to the site. http://rochellewisofffields.wordpress.com/friday-fictioneers-2/  Check it out,I promise you will not egret it 🙂

This week’s photo prompt has been provided by John Nixon .It has a lot of promise and I know that this week I will be reading more than 100 fantastic takes on this prompt.Sadly,my muse has gone on a vacation,so I had to spill out whatever occurred to me-could not miss the early bird prize now,could I? My 100 words follow the photo below 🙂

Copyright-John Nixon

                                              Copyright-John Nixon




“There is nothing bewitching about this forest, “hissed Marge.

“Yeah, it’s ugly!”

“Shh…The elves may not like it Pat,” warned Nina.

“Elves?”Giggled Cory.

“Fairies too,” whispered Tory, her twin.

“Where are the magical beings?”Marge looked angrily at Nina.

Hidden eyes watched.

“Kids don’t believe in magic nowadays!” exclaimed the fairy Queen.

“Yet, they love video games!”  the elf remarked.

“Where do they think those fantasy ideas came from?” the Witch sneered.

“So, trick or treat?” the imp winked.


Roots crept up wrapping the kids.

They screamed in terror.

Then, open mouthed they watched the forest transform magically…





80 thoughts on “Enchanted

    • Thank you YS:-)Am so late this time in reading FF-hoping to make the rounds tonight-my health is down and I have been burning the candle at both ends-have to learn to be selective and not be obsessed about reading every entry in every challenge and commenting on them-the load is increasing as I am finding it tough to keep up.Finished reading and commenting on all the Trifecta entries today early afternoon-sigh!u tc and keep smiling:-)

    • 😀 Yes,I think that’s their plan-remember they said “both”? ;-)Thanks DR for coming by to read and for the comment-am again running late but am not keeping well and with so much reading and commenting,am falling back-sigh!

    • Lol,no wyou are giving me ideas that I love ;-)But yes,they will let them go-they are just having fun and teaching them not to pooh pooh magic and such 😉

    • 😉 Yes,it was Bjorn-they will be released after that magic show and hopefully will go home having learnt their lesson.Thanks for coming by as always 🙂

  1. Eeek! You scared me! What a cute idea and I loved that they know kids play video games (or course because the roots travel underground like a telephone line to other trees). Amazing! I so enjoy being able to read all these stories from all of the Really, really good writers! Thanks, Nan 🙂

    • Thank you Perry-good to see you here-all the kids)(in us)
      love fairy tales and magic,no? :-)Will be coming by tomorrow to read the entries on FF ,see you then

    • Yes David .I too believe that they have but you know they are not really bad-so the kids will be allowed to go home after the magic show-hopefully they would not forget the lesson ;-)Thanks so much for coming by to read and comment:-)

  2. Dear Atreyee,

    Let me preface my comment by saying that I didn’t decide to post early. 😉 When scheduling ahead I put in the wrong date. I was as surprised and unnerved by the early post as anyone. :O

    Your forest is enchanting and the children would have done well to be mindful of the true fairies. Nice one.



    • Lol,I know you didn’t but better early than late-it gave me the much needed breather-am not keeping well and am trying to read,comment and fi t in some writing too but failing miserably-sigh!Will have to rethink my strategy and maybe try to give up the OCD I have about reading and commenting on each and every entry on every challenge I participate in 😛 Thank you so much Rochelle for the lovely comment and for liking my story 🙂

  3. Good, well done, and charming story. It looks like all the little magical people of the woods will have the last say. They’ve made believers of those kids. I have a feeling it’ll be a happy, though scary ending.

    • You got it right Patricia-you are very perceptive:-) It will be a happy ending after they learn their lesson 😀 Thank you so much for coming by-will come by tomorrow to read and comment on FF entries-am not keeping well-so trying to taker it easy

    • Ha!ha!You are so right Subroto-comiung from my camp,it definitely is a bonus ;-)Thanks so much for stopping by-I will catch up tomorrow with FF readings

    • BA,its not any of our fault-it had taken me a long time too to understand these things-some of the bloggers have two/three diff blogs and I find it hard to keep track and try to keep the blog icon(?) in mind while responding,lol!

      Thank you so much for liking my entry-am going to come by after lunch (my time) to start reading the FF submissions-will read yours too:-)

    • Ha!ha!No,not meal-only a scare and then after the magic show,they will be allowed to leave-hopefully having learnt their lesson,they would behave:-)Thanks for stopping to read and comment Mollie

    • Yes,you got it right Siobhan and I giggled at the last part of your comment-the kids better be wary though ;-)Thank you for stopping by to read and comment 🙂

    • Aww,thank you Bryan-you are very kind-sorry am late in responding but am not keeping well,thus this delay-am not sure if this week I will submit anything-let’s see,u tc 🙂

    • Thank you Leigh-sorry am late in responding-am not keeping well-dunno if I will be participating this week or not-will try to come by and read your’s,tc

    • Thank you dear Sun:-)Am not keeping well,so this week I may be missing from FF-am not sure as yet -I hate not being able to read all the entries -so..sigh!You tc ,love xx

      • oh, hope you get the energy up soon…Rochelle put a nice tip in this week’s FF about reading/commenting. reading a few entries before and after sounds like a workable plan. i also like to include those that comment on my post as well. sending you some healing rays!! ♥

    • Ha!ha!Sarah,you are so sweet,thank you my dear!Am battling some health demons now,so my brains are like mush now-wrote only one entry this week-will be submitting only after I finish catching up with last week’s comments-no idea if I will enter FF this week-let us see,u tc xx

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