Evening shadows

Trifecta :Week 105

For the final challenge Trifecta  has left the choice to us writers.We are to give them exactly 33 of our best words.They want the words to bleed -definitely a tough challenge for us but then when has Trifecta  given us a challenge that has been easy? 😀 Feels really unreal writing for Trifecta  this final time but hope that someday,somewhere we meet again.Will miss the fabulous challenges and the dedicated Trifectans. All the best to everyone and here come my 33 words for what they are worth.


Evening shadows

On the cobblestones of life

forgotten laughter


gambols in concert

with tears,

silhouettes of past

play Chinese whispers

desires bubble


yesterday’s cauldron.

Unsaid words

coagulate, asphyxiate

on bitter gall of regret.




36 thoughts on “Evening shadows

  1. Wow, some really lovely, strong images here. I loved “…forgotten laughter / ebullient- / gambols in concert / with tears…” Wonderful poem, Atreyee! I’m glad you came by to share this.

    • Thank you Christine for such warm compliments and coming from such an accomplished writer like you,it means more than ever :-)Also read that you have joined the Speakeasy team as an editor and are also going to start your own challenges-am going to look forward to seeing you there,tc and God bless xx

  2. I can tell you chose your 33 words carefully – you made the most of the imagery. I really like the last three lines: “Unsaid words coagulate, asphyxiate on bitter gall of regret.” They are the perfect ‘punch’ for the ending.

    • Aww Janna,that is such a sweet thing to say-am so touched by your praise-you made me moist eyed and that my friend is a rarity-so thanks a tonne 🙂

    • Oh Sarah,now I feel like crying reading your beautiful comment-thank you my friend-my biggest awards are these heart felt words coming from wonderful people and great writers like you-can never express how much this means-thank you Sarah,love xx 🙂

  3. So beautiful, Atreyee!” silhouettes of past ” is something that made me fall in love with the word “silhouette” once again.:) on a side note- OMG, I didn’t know you’re bengali too..just followed you on google plus[ Found you at Cobbie’s World].

    • Thank you so much Lisa-Joules-wild horses could not have kept me from joining 😀 Thank you once again for giving me the opportunity to grow as a writer and the confidence that I can write too :-)Will miss you but keeping my fingers crossed that we will meet again-wishing you the best again,tc,God Bless and loads of love xx

  4. Wow! This was astonishing. I just loved silhouettes of past play Chinese whispers. — what a moving and profound poem Atreyee! You really pulled the stops out on this one! Bravo! 😀

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