Do you see her much?

Do  you see her much?


Oh, all the time, all the time! 

Oh, I see her everywhere.

Why, oh why won’t she let me be?

When all is over between her and me?

I did her in and buried her

Then, why won’t she just lie still?



This is my response to this week’s ultimate question at Gargleblaster #157. The challenge was to answer the ultimate question “Do you see her much?” in exactly 42 words. If you are interested in joining the fun,rush over to the site  for complete details by clicking on the url but hurry for the grid closes at 42 entries.


50 thoughts on “Do you see her much?

    • Ha!ha!I guess I can’t stay away from the dark ones 😛 Thank you so much:-)However my FF entry this week went a different way-I haven’t yet checked the responses on it-so no idea if you have read it or not Adelie.I was not well again and am delayed-still plodding through the stories on FF-reached 70 I think-sigh!

  1. I like the repetition in the first and third lines – it lends a certain urgency to the narrator’s voice. Nicely done, Atreyee!

  2. Well, if your protagonist hadn’t seen her off, she wouldn’t be haunting. Sometimes it’s better just to let a relationship end naturally 😉 Well told.

    • Ha!ha!You are right ;-)Thanks Sarah-I had some bad news about a friend yesterday so could not read-will start my reading today evening -busy day as hubby is leaving on a trip for 3 days.

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