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This time Friday has come and long gone and I can’t believe that I am joining the weekly FF melee almost at the fag end-phew!Well, real life sometimes takes over and one has to patiently wait for a break. I would like to thank all those who came over to read and comment on my post.Will come by later today, to thank you all personally. As we  are all observing FF is becoming more and more popular and to read over 100 entries every week is getting tougher.So,I am going  to chose what many others are already doing.I will come by to read and comment on those  who have been  regularly reading  mine  and those who never fail to return the favour. Needless to say,I will definitely pay a return visit to those who come by  to read  and comment on mine for the first time-that’s what a community is for 🙂

Okay,now that is out of the way,let me get back to the nitty- gritty of FF.Every Friday(okay,okay Wednesday) our wonderful hostess Rochelle Wisoff-Fields cooks up a storm by providing a photo prompt ,based on which writers from all over the globe  rush to spin a 100 word(give or take a few more -or less) story.This week the photo is provided by none other than the very talented Douglas M Macllroy-thank you Doug :-)If you are interested in participating a or reading what others have written, do click on the url and I promise you will be hooked.

My 101 word story(including the title) follows the photo prompt below.


Copyright – Douglas M. MacIlroy




“Is the sea monster going to gobble us all?” asked little Gina.

Tim retorted, “No silly, we are safe under the rafters.” 

“Anyway mermaids are stronger than sea monsters!” Quipped Alice sagely.

The monster was circling around, when suddenly…

“Argh! What are you kids doing under my new cushions?”

‘Oh, no! It’s Mom!” The children groaned.

“Dave, is this how you keep an eye on them?”

Her husband took off the diving helmet and grinned sheepishly.

 “Molly, I thought the kids would enjoy an undersea adventure.”

Rolling her eyes, Molly remarked, “Thank God, you decided to keep the sea away!”







48 thoughts on “Adventure

    • Oh,what’s that?I haven’t yet started reading-a close friend lost his Mom-so was too sad almost the whole week to do anything-just posted mine last night and am now catching up with last week’s comments on my post-then I will start reading FF-will chk out the video link,thanks a ton Subroto for coming by to read-always appreciated:-)

    • Lol Plaridel,glad I was able to surprise you-I must be losing my “dark” hue-need to gear up 😉 Thank you so much for stopping by to read and comment-I truly appreciate it:-)

  1. Dear Atreyee,

    This brings back a sweet childhood memory for me. My dad was the playful one and would often get in trouble with my mother for his antics. Nicely done.

    I understand about reading 100 stories getting to be a bit daunting. I did what I never do this week. I did not comment on a certain story. The writer never comments on anyone else’s story. It gets to be tiresome when it’s all one way and there are so many. I feel a little guilty about this. 😉



    • Thank you Rochelle-am so happy to have brought back that lovely memory:-)

      I so agree-I have been skipping a few since the last two weeks for the very same reason and I strongly feel that those who “like” and leave are either lying about reading your post and taking an easy route or are just too lazy :PI am learning to be selective by choice-now does that make sense?lol!

      Have a wonderful week Rochelle,love and peace xx

  2. Aw, I say let them play – as long as the children (young and old) clean up the mess! (Those couch cushions may have been new, but in my experience, nothing new stays looking new for long with kids around, no matter how careful we are. Yeah, I’m still coming to terms with that reality!)

  3. This is such a charming story, well done! I loved Alice quipping sagely – she obviously knows all about monsters and mermaids 🙂

  4. Dads have a tendency to have fun with the children and let the chips fall where they may. Bill used to get the girls all excited before bedtime, then turn them over to me to put to bed. Thanks, dear! Not!


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