The Ravagers

Their snake eyes crawled over me .I recoiled. Their filthy minds probed into my very core, hungry maggots devouring my very essence. I flinched. Finally, they tore into my nubile body, leeching the last vestiges of consciousness from my blanched, ravaged soul.







This is my response to this week’s ultimate question at Gargleblaster #161. The challenge was to answer the ultimate question, “Is something crawling on me?” in exactly 42 words. What a coincidence ‘cos I have been fighting a skin rash for the past few days but managed to keep my itchy Β hands at bay Β while writing,lol! If you are interested in joining the fun or read what other participants have written, click on the url

54 thoughts on “The Ravagers

  1. It’s lovely to see you back, Atreyee. I missed you. Your short short is chillingly well done. I have to shake those images out of my head.

    • Thank you Gina-so lovely to see your comment-you always manage to add a silver lining to my dark clouds πŸ˜€ Am still fighting some health issues-so much back log on catching up with reading and commenting-writing is also so slow πŸ˜›

    • Aww,thanks Karen-coming from such an accomplished writer like you,I take it as a huge compliment! Btw,your’s was too funny-got my vote πŸ™‚

  2. Intense and powerful are two words I kept seeing in other comments – they perfectly describe what I thought when I read this. I don’t have a rash, but man, the urge to scratch and run away squealing is strong πŸ™‚

      • Thank you Ted-wishes mean a lot-Doc is happy with the progress I am making though as I had suspected my thyroid prob has reshaped itself into Hashimoto’s disease-Doc seemed upbeat as it seems my “bubbly” personality will see me through,lol!Well,let us see what the test reports say when I see him next in July πŸ™‚

    • More laughter from me!Ted,am floored by your comment -thanks a ton but do read the other entries-they are not all this bad and I do look forward to your entry next week:-)

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